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  1. CR79BJ40B

    Vacuum Sucks on my B Motor

    Back at it again. The one thing I love about my pig is that it never stops surprising me. Its like the Black Knight in Monte Python insisting "tis but a scratch" when in reality he is bleeding out. That's my pig, things don't make any sense yet it still runs "just fine". So it has always...
  2. CR79BJ40B

    A BJ40 in Costa Rica - RTV Issues

    G'Day, Sorry if this has been posted before and sorry for the long winded story to come. I am having an issue with my left rear brake. As you can see from the subject, its a 79 BJ and for those who dont live in Costa Rica, RTV or Retieve is the annual vehicle corruption...err, inspection. So...
  3. CR79BJ40B

    BJ40 electrical question

    Howdy, First things first, I have gone through many a forum to find my answer and I'm still coming up short, so before some chimes in to search the threads, been there. In all honesty, I'm hoping "lostmarbles" will jump in to help out. That said, I'm an expat in CR with a 79 BJ40 with a B...
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