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  1. Shoalwater

    LC rear bumper on LX

    OK. I guessed as much given that most aftermarkets don't seem to discriminate.
  2. Shoalwater

    LC rear bumper on LX

    Hey, probably a stupid question but I've searched around and didn't find anything... is it possible to swap the LX450's stock rear bumper for the LC's? I'm not prepared to purchase an after-market bumper although there are certainly some sweet ones out there - but I am really tired of the...
  3. Shoalwater

    Willamette Blvd Service Center - Closing!!

    Such a great shop, really appreciate and respect him and his dad. I had a cooling issue close to the end of the year and he informed me he was closing soon when I called, but got me in literally the next day. They have always been extremely fast, professional, and not gouged on price (quite the...
  4. Shoalwater

    Acceleration/Deceleration/Throttle Rattle/Crackle Sound

    Hey, thanks to everyone for your suggestions here! I was out of town all weekend and coming back to a bunch of ideas is really helpful. Sounds like I should use some hose clamps on heat shielding and see if that causes it. Also remove the drive shafts, although I'm such a sub-one banana...
  5. Shoalwater

    Acceleration/Deceleration/Throttle Rattle/Crackle Sound

    I've been trying to figure out a sound on my '96 LX450 I've noticed when I put on or let off the throttle. It's not insanely loud, but it sounds like metal rattling or crackling. I've noticed it more in summer since I have the windows down a lot - it's not so bad that I can notice it with them...
  6. Shoalwater

    23 yo cruiser.. How soon will I need a rebuild?

    I don't know, I wouldn't sell personally. The MPG is s***ty, but other than that I'm pretty blown away as a newish (1 year) owner by how little attention 80s need. I always change my oil and with this vehicle I have done coolant and am getting ready to do the differential fluid, but really it's...
  7. Shoalwater

    Builds Bushdoctor' LX 450 - 80's Build Progress - "Berky"

    Just want to echo the drain tube suggestion. My LX450 had wet floors after every rain, and I was concerned I was going to need to do the sunroof job you've done. Instead I got access to the drain tube via the driver's side footwell and found a massive kink in the line. I actually ended up...
  8. Shoalwater

    Armor/etc. shop questions

    Hi folks, I picked up an 80 recently and following some weeks spent getting things in order and doing baseline maintenance, I'm tempted to shop for some 'fun' stuff. Like bumper, sliders, etc. I have looked around a lot online and seen some cool stuff, but I was wondering if anyone had...
  9. Shoalwater

    Fan Clutch questions

    Cool. I admit I don't fully understand the different viscosities, but 30K seems like a lot more. I have done a good amount of reading on old threads and it seems like the higher viscosities are preferred for super hot climates, which fortunately the PNW isn't. You think 30K wouldn't be overkill...
  10. Shoalwater

    Fan Clutch questions

    Hey folks, I have a 1996 LX450 I've owned a couple months and after doing fluid flushes and changing a few hoses the first thing I'm trying to tackle is a fan clutch replacement and/or service. I purchased this Aisin fan clutch after reading about Landtank's mod. I have opened it up and begun...
  11. Shoalwater

    What did you find in your cruiser

    About 4 euros worth of coins (mostly Spain), 2 cigarette lighters, 3 ice scrapers, gnarly old rags, and a replacement doorstop assembly. The latter was nice to have, but didn't come with a screw, so I had to use one I had left over from an AR-15 lower parts kit and now the door has a...
  12. Shoalwater

    New noise after brake job

    Definitely not a dealership! So probably the OE-spec. Good to know.
  13. Shoalwater

    New noise after brake job

    Pretty sure they're factory, but I'm not positive. I just bought the vehicle recently and took it to a shop to do some stuff I'm not yet comfortable doing myself, so I didn't get hands-on with it. It would be cool to think it'll just go away after a few weeks. It's not causing any functional...
  14. Shoalwater

    New noise after brake job

    Pretty wild to see this posted here as I have pretty much exactly the same issue arising on the same day (Wednesday) after a brake job. It sounds pretty similar to what you are talking about, @rioghamo. I think mine is fairly universal, not restricted to after the vehicle warms up, though...
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