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    Rocker Arm/Adjuster Screw/Oil Pressure

    I recently heard an intermittent sharp tick sound from the engine and stethoscoped it to the upper end. I tore off the rocker cover and found three of the exhaust adjuster screws worn half off on only one side. This made excessive clearance and caused the pushrod to make the tick sound...
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    Want a FJ55- Atlanta/Athens Area

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and look a little stupid, but, oh well. I'm Stationed here in Athens for a bit and had to leave my cruiser in Mi. I would like to have something to play around with- specifically a FJ55. My wife isn't to keen on the idea and funds are tight. So if any of...
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    Anyone going from MI to GA

    Looking to bring my 40 in from Jackson, Mi down to North East GA. If anyone is going in this direction pm me and we'll talk. For an idea of what you'll need the 40 is running 39" tires with a total of 13" of lift. Thanks, TM
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    Need Help- please.

    Well after posting earlier about my vacuum routing, which ended up being correct, I have an issue I can't locate :crybaby: . I have very low power under around 1100 RPMs (no tach). When I try to take off at any lower RPMs the engine dies. Though when I am running down the road I have tons of...
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    Help with Vacuum routing

    Just wondering what the hookup is for the vacuum distributor (two ports). Are they both vacuum (and if they are, from where [throttle, manifold, etc.], or only one vacuum (outermost port). Thanks in advance for your replies. TM
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    Another Wheel Question-sorry

    I ran a search but didn't find any definate answers. I am looking for a 16x10 wheel that will fit my FJ40 with Room to Spare. Current susp. mods include- S/R, SOA, Hysteer, 4xDisc brakes. I found the M/T Classics but their backspacing is nearly 4". I am thinking this may not leave...
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    FJ40 Body

    I am wondering what is required to mount 79-newer Fj40 body onto a 78-older frame? Will the frame to body contacts be the same? Can I use 78-older body mounts? Thanks for your help.
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