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  1. cabron

    Desmog components

    Carb insulator by cabron posted Aug 10, 2016 at 2:02 PMEgr exhaust manifold by cabron posted Aug 10, 2016 at 2:03 PM Jim, I was about to order some desmog parts and wanted to know if you sold a cap for the "carb insulator pipe?' as shown with an arrow. Also, is your egr plate for the pipe cap...
  2. Egr exhaust manifold

    Egr exhaust manifold

  3. Carb insulator

    Carb insulator

  4. cabron

    Feel Resistance/Drag while driving

  5. cabron

    Feel Resistance/Drag while driving

    I just noticed this on the way home so I haven't investigated this yet. In the morning I will jack up each side to try to pinpoint exact cause, but here's the symptoms. Feel resistance in driving the vehicle. No problems with brake pedal feel, pulling to one side while braking or anything...
  6. cabron

    My front bumper is finaly DONE!!!!

    Clean design, looks good on there.
  7. cabron

    Wheelin pics from today!

    I'll speak for all of us in saying thank you for sharing all of the pics that you did. It's so nice seeing so many different obstacles and how the 60 handles them. I really appreciate you taking the time to put them all on here. Great weekend!
  8. cabron

    Wheelin in the Watto's NSW OZ

    Now, that's a good weekend!
  9. cabron

    81 FJ40 in St. Cloud Minnesota - $2600

    any interior pics?
  10. cabron

    roll cage (take 1)

    Looks like a really good fit.
  11. cabron

    Where's your favorite place to mount a CB radio?

    You could use mine for free but by the time you ship it all the way there and back you can buy one, very cheap
  12. cabron

    Where's your favorite place to mount a CB radio?

    Do you have a tuneable antenna and a meter to tune it out with. That's what I did to finally get good reception.
  13. cabron

    New Guy

    Welcome, now show us some pics! :)
  14. cabron

    Replacing Tie Rods - what to buy?

    he won't steer you wrong, no pun intended :)
  15. cabron

    ARB Dakar Spring Problems

    I have my OME with about 500 miles (heavy/heavy) with no such problems so far. Lets get a tally, what spring rate? what bushings? how many miles? using OME shackles? what problem?
  16. cabron

    What is a good 2 inch (heavy)front spring to match the Ironman rear?

    I definitely wouldn't let a bushing issue steer you away from the OME's IMOP.
  17. cabron

    Replacing Tie Rods - what to buy?

    I'll third call Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters he will take care of you. Just ordered a set from him myself.
  18. cabron

    ROTW: The Toad

    The couple that wrenches together, stays together!! Thanks for sharing!!
  19. cabron

    locked and loaded!

    How many banana job would you consider it?
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