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    1983 BJ42 Factory Power Steering, H55F, 277k miles, Rebuilt Engine, Aqualu $12k/Offer

    TRUCK IS SOLD it's going back to Canada! Congrats Justin.:beer::beer: This is going to eBay sometime this week but I want to offer it here first. I have no idea what this is worth with the Aqualu, rust issues, 5 speed tranny, etc., and I don't want to sell myself short, so let's just say...
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    Part no. for 3b 24v alternator brushes

    I pulled apart my alt. last weekend hoping to find a part no. on the brushes for my undercharging issue, but there was nothing on the brushes. I searched the forum and the part no. thread, but nothing for 24v. Thanks, B
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    3B Alternator needs brushes?

    I've noticed over the last 6 months or so that the "Brake" light stays on after I start my BJ42, but goes away once I start driving. I thought this was a fault in the indicator circuit for the handbrake, but now the light comes on pretty consistently when the truck drops down to idle speed, and...
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    3B won't start

    I had been getting lots of white smoke and hard cold starts (in ~50* F) so I searched and read up on past threads. My understanding is that there were 2 possibilities: air getting into fuel, and bad glow plugs. I checked the fuel system for leaks, torqued down all the nuts on the injectors...
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    TIC Parabolic lift install--Pics and some tech ???s

    4 TIC parabolic springs 50mm lift New ubolts and bushings of course Con Ferr etc. ubolt skid plates 4 Doesch Tech DT8000 shocks 4 Greasable stock length shackles So far the ride quality difference is not as dramatic as I would have thought so maybe it needs to break in a little. Small bumps...
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    Questions on TIC Parabolics install--from TLCA group buy

    Yep, finally getting around to installing these springs from the TLCA group buy a year ago:doh: . I won't even explain... I've emailed TIC with these questions but I wonder if somebody here who has these springs can more quickly answer them. 1. Removed my right rear spring to start. As I...
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    Twin Turbo???

    Looking at some of the new diesel engines, I was reminded that while wating for my exhaust to get repaired a couple months ago, the shop owner, a weekend racer, recommended a twin turbo when I mentioned turboing my 3B. I think this is just more tech than I need to or can deal with, but it...
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    Slight fuel leak/weeping on injector pump - 3B

    Hi folks, I've got a slight weeping leak around where the #3 & #4 injector hard lines (the two rear lines, nearest the cab) run out of the injector pump. It's minor but noticeable after driving (I can smell fuel/it's wet). How should I tackle this? Can I just retorque those nuts on the...
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    Planning April solo trip to Kings Canyon-Death Valley-Mojave--Recommendations please

    Howdy, Planning a spring trip south from NorCal in early April. Hoping to catch some wildflowers and who knows what else. The relevant part of the trip would be leaving from the SF Bay east toward Yosemite then south. I've been to Yos. a few times and am not planning on going in. I am...
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    Lug nuts that won't rust?

    Searched but nothing re: rust and lug nuts. Bought the cheesy cheap chromed lug nuts at Kragen about a year ago and they are already losing it... Everything else on the truck is slowly becoming stainless steel. What are my options? :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :cheers: B
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    Help for Newb with NPT fittings/Mech Oil Px gauge install...

    First, what's the best place to get an oil px source for a mech gauge IF one is planning a turbo build in the future and doesn't want to waste the best source on a gauge install? Second, could somebody tell me what size fittings I need to use a 1/4" or 3/8" NPT fitting to get into said source...
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    DOH! Spare tire carrier differences - 1980 FJ40 vs. 1983 BJ42

    Okay so I scored a rust free spare tire carrier from an '80 FJ40, POR'ed the shiz out of it, etc. top coated to match my body etc. and then I go to mount it and find out that of course the upper body mount/hinge thingy is a different design (much smaller) that the old '83 BJ42 carrier. On the...
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    Wild hair question: Can a 13BT head mate to a 3B block?

    Curious. Why? Dunno, to get Direct Injection, as part of a turbo build... B
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    Door parts side specific?

    I'm going to sell some stuff on eBay, wanted to make sure that... Window regulators are NOT side specific (?)--can't tell any difference but I may be spacially impaired:beer: . Window glass IS side specific (because of the way the lower metal channel glass holder mounts to the regulator)...
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    Intermittent whine on 3B

    I can't find any correlations yet, but now frequently when I start the 42 I'm getting a high pitched whine, not too loud (can't hear it on freeway), pitch consistent with rpms. I know this could be anything, but I thought I'd float it out here to see if there is a common issue folks know about...
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    Free door stuff - late 40 series

    Just replaced my canuck special 1983 doors with another set from a Cali 1980 FJ40. I took the best of both so here's what's left over: Door shells both sides, rusted out (as in gone) in the bottoms, rust in the mirror mounts and one of the lower hinge mounts. This is truly spectacular cancer...
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    Rusty, I mean rally rusty, Ubolts--ok to grind cut them?

    OK I'm looking forward to my new suspension and I know from having tested them that my original Canuck special ubolts on my BJ42 are rusted to hell. As in my cheezy Chicago electric 270 ft. lbs. impact wrench cannot budge them (but a 1/2 drive breaker bar with pipe extension can). Even when...
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    Amby door hinges-- rebuildable?

    It looks like amby hings are pressed together--is it possible to get them apart, put new bushings in, etc.??? Tnx, B
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    Wanted  WTB OEM Driver's seatbelt for later 40 series (83 BJ42)

    I'll trade you straight across for this. :flipoff2: OK yeah I got a little cash in the PayPal account... Should be from 40 series of 1/79-10/84.
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    Instrument cluster removal

    Could somebody give me some quick tips etc. to make my life easier before I dive in. I searched and looked at the tech links but could not find an explicit how-to. I understand you have to remove the speedo cable but... tricks for that too? Tnx, B:beer:
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