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  1. sjpitts

    Blocking the EGR valve output? Bad Idea?

    First I should note that this is a 93 80 series. Because it is a 93 the EGR is not technically required, and there is no sensor and it doesn't throw a code when it is turned off. So a while back I started to have some EGR valve issues. I ended up looping the vacuum lines to turn off the...
  2. sjpitts

    Brake Booster Remove and Replace (real time)

    Ok, I am trying to do a quick remove and replace of the brake booster. I am trying to get this back on the road for a New Year's trip. It is a "later" 93 with ABS. I have been following the advice of LandCruiserPhil's thread Brake Booster R&R and a few others. The first step here is to...
  3. sjpitts

    Roof Top Tents at REI garage sale

    I was just at the REI garage sale in Paradise valley. There were a couple of roof top tents for sale there. Tepui was the brand. I think the models were Sky 2. Or something like that. They were asking 350 for one and 425 for the other. My quick internet searching seemed to show that...
  4. sjpitts

    PSA: 1999 100 Series w/locker for Sale

    A good friend of mine is selling his 100 series land cruiser. It is a 1999, and it has a rear locker. He has had it for more than 10 years. Since that time the maintenance has been performed by Thiele Automotive in Chandler. It has 222k miles, and just had the timing belt and water pump...
  5. sjpitts

    EGR Vacuum Modulator Meltdown following EGT Delete

    93 FJZ80--LandCruiser-- Federal Spec So a couple of months ago I noticed that some vacuum hoses on my engine were cracked and coming apart. Who knows how long they had been that way. After researching I discovered that these were EGR vacuum hoses-- hoses that go between the EGR vacuum...
  6. sjpitts

    Mercruiser 140: Water in oil, Low Compression

    We have a 1984 Caravelle with a Mercruiser 140 engine. This is the 4 cylinder GM engine, with an Alpha 1 outdrive. The engine serial number is 6045155. This boat has been in the “family” since 1986. It was owned by a close friend until 95 when I bought it. I sold it back to the friend in...
  7. sjpitts

    Is this concerning? (Group 65 Battery Install)

    So I needed a new battery. I had installed an Optima 34/78 battery six years ago and it finally gave up the ghost. When I had installed the Optima I had added winch cables with a switch, replaced the ground cable, and added an extension to the positive battery cable. Before I went to buy a...
  8. sjpitts

    Using a fish scale to set wheel bearing preload

    I am trying to follow Romer's technique for putting setting the wheel bearing preload that is found in the FAQ: My question is on the last step. I have a fish scale-- but it just measures pounds-- not lbf. Do I need to do some math to figure out what pounds I need to read on the scale to...
  9. sjpitts

    I have been neglecting my 80-- Part II, Brakes

    I can't believe I did this. I let my front brakes get down to the metal. At least one side. And I just got back from a wheeling trip where I put 100 or so rough miles on it. The worst part of this is that I had a brand new set of 100 series pads from CruiserDan sitting in my parts pile...
  10. sjpitts

    Random Free Stuff

    Moving and need to get rid of some stuff. Free. If for some reason multiple parties are interested I will give preference to CSC members in good standing I have two sets of 93/94 LandCruiser Springs. OEM. And I have a custom made radiator mount. Copied Dave Gores design to put a Ron...
  11. sjpitts

    Left Over Parts (autometer /tranny hump/ FJ55 springs)

    So I have a bunch of left over parts that I figured I would offer to the club before I tried the general public. First, I have a bunch of z series autometer gauges. Most of these we bought in the late 90s but have never been opened. Some of these are the nice full swing mechanical gauges. I...
  12. sjpitts

    Time to change my avatar: sold my 55

    So I finally sold my 55. I was sad to see it go-- had serious second thoughts. And the funny thing was, by the time I had it sold I had several people beating down my door to get it. What is up with that? As an inducement to sale I offered to pay for a Copper State Cruiser membership to the...
  13. sjpitts

    pre72 FJ55 front window search

    As you may know, some unknown malcontents decided to break a couple of windows in my FJ55. The Driver's side front door, and the Driver's side back door. Dave Gore found a rear door window in his stash, but I still need a front door. The difficulty is that my FJ55 is older style with vent...
  14. sjpitts

    From Bad to Worse: Broken FJ55 Door Windows

    As some of you may recall, I have been trying to sell my FJ55 for a while now. I posted a "why isn't this thing selling thread" a while back." I got a fair amount of grief in that thread, but most of it was constructive. In the end I think I really just need to lower my price...
  15. sjpitts

    For Sale  72 FJ55 with 350V8, auto tranny, FJ60 Axles

    SOLD---72 FJ55 with 350V8, auto tranny, FJ60 Axles **********SOLD*************** Time to sell my 72 FJ55. I bought it in 1995, sold it to my little brother for a few years, then bought it back. I bought it from a guy that had done a complete conversion on it-- a 350 GM crate engine, a...
  16. sjpitts

    WTB: Speedo and Oil Pressure Gauge for 72 FJ55

    I need a speedo and a oil pressure gauge for a 72 FJ55. The build date is 9/71. Anyone have one? If not, can you tell me what years would have compatible gauges? I know there was a change in late 72 to the dash, not sure if the gauges changed then. Or how old I could go. Here are...
  17. sjpitts

    Ramshorn Manifolds and York AC Compressor

    Anybody have a need? I bought them long ago, but have no use for them. If someone has an interest I will post up some pictures. I am sure I will take just about any offer from a CSC member. Jared
  18. sjpitts

    Sequoia Rebuilder

    My wife had someone pull out in front of her in her 2001 sequoia. She was not traveling at high rate of speed, and the damage did not seem that bad. However, the insurance company has decided it is totaled. It is 9 years old and has 118k on it. But I had just spent 2k on this car-- new...
  19. sjpitts

    Previa Hose for Power Steering Return?

    I have a 93 landcruiser. I need a new power steering return hose. This is the hose that returns fluid into the side of the reservoir tank. I think it is coming from the cooler but I am not sure on that. I called my local dealer, and they said the hose is only available as kit with the...
  20. sjpitts

    Hey MoGas!

    Did the FJ62 hood rod work in your 80? I have been using old door molding to hold up my hood, and your solution looks like a great one. Jared
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