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  1. joelcook12

    lc 100 whats it worth ... might be saying good bye to my project

    i think i might need to sell my 2001 lc100 i will post pics of all extras and the ride tomorrow. This is the landcruiser you will see in all my post of the last 6 months.. i am going to start a list of what is done to it and i guess i would appreciate comments on what its worth and who might...
  2. joelcook12

    01 land cruiser Out of towner fireworks help

    i am from up near Erie pennsylvania but i have the family in arlington va for the 4th this year. Anyone have any insider secrets into a good safe spot to watch fireworks
  3. joelcook12

    For Sale 2001 landcruiser 100 series bumper hitch tires seats

    Trying to find someone who needs factory 3rd row seats rear bumper and hitch. Stuff is tough to ship i can meet within reason pittsburgh buffalo or cleveland area live near erie Make offers
  4. joelcook12

    kc front lights and rear led lightbar and spotlights

    kc driving lights on a separate switch and i installed the rear light bar and spotlights which are on a remote and wired into my rear fusebox/2nd battery
  5. joelcook12

    Plasti dip black out grilll budget mod

    couldnt handle the chrome anymore
  6. joelcook12

    Second battery/arb compressor/fuse box to the rear area build

    just finished my second battery setup so i figured i would post some pics. Installed a 10 fuse fuse box in the rear wired to aux battery with a under hood circuit breaker. Arb compressor installed with slee second battery tray. T max battery controller and display.
  7. joelcook12

    For Sale 2001 lc 100 land cruiser wheels and tires oem with mich tires

    16 inch oem wheel set with Michelin defender tires $1000 and you pay shipping or pic them up in North west Pa i can meet you in Erie as far south at pittsburgh far north as buffalo far west as cleveland thanks
  8. joelcook12

    For Sale 2001 Landcruiser rear bumper

    rear bumper just removed to put on an aftermarket not sure what its worth or how i am going to ship it but get ahold of me and make offers if interested. I would think $200 range is fair and we arrange pick up or shipping. I travel northwest pa and pittsburgh area
  9. joelcook12

    soflo bumper/bedliner hybrid

    so i have prepared myself for the abuse i will take but here is my photos and experience with so flo rear bumper. Customer service actually was great and very fast as was shipping. Fitment for the vehicle is pretty good as you can see in the pics. The product is poorly painted so knowing...
  10. joelcook12

    anyone ever been to Southington Off-road Park in ohio ?

    not a terrible far drive (i am up by Erie) and they offer camping. I am looking to do some light wheeling and camping with my family.
  11. joelcook12

    what is the best ipad obd2 setup ?

    i want to set up my ipad as a on board performance monitor. I was curious who has done this and what apps work best for like trans temp and other stats in realtime ?
  12. joelcook12

    double din radio fitment issue ....

    what am i doing wrong here ? this is a double din radio i bought on amazon that actually says it fits the 01 land cruiser
  13. joelcook12

    local guy repainted some factory wheels for me. Thoughts ?

    stock wheels i scored on ebay local painted a gunmetal type color
  14. joelcook12

    new lc 100 series owner from northwest pa ..

    am i all alone up by lake erie ? I never see land cruisers up here only Wranglers and lifted old rusty chevy trucks haha
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