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  1. Lancimus

    '79 Alternator to Battery Wiring question

    Bought a '79 40 with some badly modified wiring (yeah, its the one with all the wire nuts), attempting to return it to stock, make it run. The schematic shows a white with blue stripe wire running to the battery +post from either an external VR or directly from the alternator if equipped with...
  2. Lancimus

    SOLD  Oregon: Top for '65 and earlier FJ40, $500

    Had no luck trading it so for sale I have a '65 and earlier FJ40 Top with horizontal fold up hatch, all glass intact. Its not the prettiest thing but if you need one it may fit the bill. Weatherstripping is gone and it has holes drilled here and there for antenna mounts, gear hooks, etc...
  3. Lancimus

    70 Series Front Turn Signals on a 40

    Found some info searching but not definitive. Has anyone installed these 70 series front turn signal lamps from SOR on the side aprons of a 40? Is the space big enough without modifying/moving the hood latches? Pics are appreciated. My lamps are smashed along with the fenders, at this point...
  4. Lancimus

    What electrical component is this?

    Trying to restore some semblance of the stock wiring to a '79 FJ40 that was badly abused. Looked at a Haynes schematic, I don't see this device. What is it please and what should be connected to each of the 3 terminals?
  5. Lancimus

    Trade  Body parts for trade

    Recently acquired a '79 FJ40 used to maintain rural property where it lived a hard life and was once rolled over. Previous owner found an early top with the corrugated sides and horizontal fold up hatch in a wrecking yard along with an early windshield assembly (wiper motor at the top). All...
  6. Lancimus

    Looking for Ross, Land Cruiser guy from Albany, Oregon

    Some years ago (decades?) there was a fellow in Albany, Oregon named Ross who owned a 4 wheel shop specializing in Land Cruisers. Legend had it he was the inventor of the shackle reversal, he sold kits locally made. He also had nifty items like GM HEI distributors with modified drive gears to...
  7. Lancimus

    Can ARB Bumper for 80, 100 series Cruiser be used on 1st gen Tundra?

    Trying this again with a dedicated thread. Recently we acquired a 2002 Toyota Tundra with low mileage. Great truck. As seasoned Land Cruiser owners we are familiar with the ARB bull bumpers. Our favorite was the non-winch model on our 1994 FJ80 Cruiser wagon. Simple, strong, attractive. We...
  8. Lancimus

    Gasket between thermostat assembly and water pump bypass on 2UZ-FE

    Doing the infamous 2UZ-FE timing belt change on 1999 Cruiser. When I took the thermostat assembly off the water pump I saw no gasket, only black RTV. Its a rectangular opening with 2 fastener 'ears'. Yet an online vide for the same job on a 2002 Tundra clearly shows a gasket. Question...
  9. Lancimus

    Preparing 78 FJ40 for sale, looking for some info

    Greetings Mudders. With heavy heart I'm preparing my 1978 FJ40 for sale. In the interest of disclosure and believing it to have a solid body I pulled the carpet and fuel tank to check. Original tank in great shape. Passenger side floor in great shape. Drivers side has a couple of areas with...
  10. Lancimus

    16" Wheels for FJ40?

    I would like to put 7x16" steel wheels on my '78 FJ40 in order to use the common 10 ply rated 235R16 tire used on 1 ton flatbeds and many 3/4 ton trucks as OEM. We have (2) 1 ton flatbeds and a diesel Ford on our farm as well as 2 military surplus flatbed trailers, all of which use this size...
  11. Lancimus

    Need Help! - Can't get FJ40 trans in gear

    After sitting in storage for 2 years my wife and I installed a Weber 32/36 on our '78 FJ40, aka the "Green Latrine", 105K original miles. Plagued by a history of carburetor issues with the stock Aisan it was nothing short of wonderful when the 2F fired up and idled smoother than ever before...
  12. Lancimus

    Stock Roll Bar for '78 FJ40

    1st post, hope I do it right. Not clued in to using the animated figures or format tools.... R&D Engineer in Oregon, long time Cruiser owner. Had 60s and an 80, now all that's left is my '78 FJ40, mostly stock AKA the 'Green Latrine'. Dad's an old military guy and the name stuck. 105K miles...
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