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  1. cruisercesar

    SOLD  80 Series TJM 2.5" Progressive Coils, Shocks, Caster Bushings

    Coils, shocks, and bushings are SOLD
  2. cruisercesar

    SOLD  5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 Tires

    Tires were SOLD. Set of 5-315/75R16 BF Goodrich KM2 MT Tires, Load Range D.
  3. cruisercesar

    SOLD  4-265/75 16 BF Goodrich KM2

    Tires are SOLD. Tires Set of 4-265/75 16 BF Goodrich KM2 MT Tires, Load Range E. Very even wear. Bomb-proof tires.
  4. cruisercesar

    SOLD  FoxWing Awning by OzTent and African Outback Loadbars

    FoxWing Awning by OzTent SOLD. African Outback load bars (4) SOLD. Awning is complete and in very good condition. Excellent design and function. Provides tons of shade and coverage. Easy to set-up and take-down. African Outback load bars (4) provide a solid mounting platform for RTTs...
  5. cruisercesar

    For Sale  4 265/75 16 bfg mt km2 [co]

    Option 1: Selling a set of four (4) 265/75 16 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain KM2 tires, for $500. Option 2: Selling the same tires mounted on split spoke 4runner rims, for $600. Option 3: Willing to trade my 265/75 16 for your 255/85 16 or 285/75 16 Mud Terrain tires (BFG, GY, etc.). Tires condition...
  6. cruisercesar

    For Sale  4-275/70 16 General Grabber HTS Tires [CO]

    SOLD 4-275/70 16 General Grabber HTS Tires [CO] SOLD Very good set of 4 street tires for sale. Unmounted and ready for pickup. $200 takes it. Located in Lakewood, CO. PM.
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