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    Water on passenger side carpet, yes I searched and tried the standard fixes

    My passenger carpet gets wet when it rains or with melting snow sitting on the truck. I have read numerous wet carpet threads and tried lots of fixes but am still stumped. What makes my problem different from what I have read so far is that I have water dripping out of the heater blower...
  2. 60wag

    Bug:  search not working

    I've tried several searches in the 80 tech forum and all come up empty.
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    Scion radio - no podcasts :(

    I installed an 1808 Scion stereo in my 80 along with the custom iPod control cable. The unit sounds good and does what its supposed to, except - podcasts on my ipod are missing. Also the lack of a pause button is pretty annoying. Whatever is playing, continues to run even when the mute button...
  4. 60wag

    In dash stereo/gps rec's for an 80

    So my stock stereo in my 80 decided to ignore the radio tuner today. The cd still works but I've lost AM and FM. I could probably ressurect the thing or find an OE unit collecting dust on someone's shelf but I'd rather use this opportunity to look at some in dash double DIN nav/stereo units...
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    Rear differential carrier needed

    I finally opened up the rear diff on my 80 to track down a vibration and found some damage that a new ring & pinion isn't going to fix. The carrier housing is cracked. Its the thing that the ring gear bolts to. So I'm looking for either just that piece, or a complete third member with the...
  6. 60wag

    York front seal needed

    My York compressor puts out plenty of air, unfortunately its also putting a lot of oil out the front shaft seal. Where can I find a replacement seal? Would NAPA have it or do I need to go through a bearing distributor? The clutch could use a new bearing too. Anyone have the bearing number...
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    A Warn bumper on an 80?

    Anyone ever seen one of these? Its a crappy phone picture but this appears to be a Warn labeled bumper on an 80. I never knew they made one.
  8. 60wag

    What's wrong with this birfield?

    I'm in the middle of a front axle rebuild on my '96 FZJ80. The passenger side (short axle) birfield is a bit stiff. It moves but the range of motion before it binds isn't much. I took it all apart and cleaned everything. Even when clean, the spider is nearly a press fit in the cage. I...
  9. 60wag

    RS3000 Security wiring info needed

    Yea, I know the RS3000 dealer installed system is lame but I'm trying to fix at least one of the annoying features (auto door relock unless one of the front doors is opened) I thought is was installed incorrectly as it only recognizes when one of the front doors have been opened but searched...
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    Need a better jack handle

    A club run this weekend further reinforced my appreciation for the utility of a compact bottle jack. We delt with several stuck vehicles but jacking up the axles and stacking rocks under the tires. One truck was a stock, extended cab long bed Chevy that was hung up on a rock right under the...
  11. 60wag

    Seized 3FE - Huh?

    Yesterday my neighbor stops by to ask for some advice. The story is: He’s driving his stock FJ62 on the highway. Its raining pretty hard so there are some puddles on the roadway. He hits a puddle and the engine stumbles. Its running rough so he pulls over. At some point the thing stalls...
  12. 60wag

    Does leaking PS really trash the air pump?

    Does anyone out there have a plausible theory as to how a leaky steering pump can cause an air pump failure? Can the steering fluid actually get into the air pump? I doubt it. I've had several air pump failures and never had a leaky steering pump. Could it be simply a superstition the has...
  13. 60wag

    62 steering pump in a 60?

    Will a power steering pump from a FJ62 simply bolt into an FJ60?
  14. 60wag

    Dash speaker size?

    I'm going to install ham radio in my 60 soon and the main unit will likely end up under the driver seat. I thinking an external speaker would help. Since the stock dash location is wide open, why not plant one there. I think its a hair smaller than 4x6. Anyone put a speaker on the stock...
  15. 60wag

    carb slow fuel cut valve rebuildable?

    Is the slow fuel cut valve on the side of the 2F carb rebuildable? Mine has gas leaking out around the plunger rod.
  16. 60wag

    Manifold vacuum question

    I've been running an in cab vacuum gauge for while. My 2F runs at 16" of water at idle but what has me puzzled is how any of the assortment of other vacuum operated devices can effectively function with the manifold vac jumping all over the place as the throttle position changes. At full...
  17. 60wag

    ubolt flip?

    Is the Manafre 4+ kit the only ubolt flip hardware available for SUA FJ60s? I need to replace my front shims and ubolts. With a set of 4 new bolts being close to $40, 150$ for the whole setup doesn't seem that expensive. Anyone else out there making a similar setup? TIA
  18. 60wag

    Here's a item someone needs to make

    After staring at the HJ61 in the color poll thread and reading other posts about rusted rain gutters, and reading about posts replacing headliners....It got me thinking. What I want ( hopefully other 60 owners would also want) is a reproduction fiberglass highroof. There must pick a...
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    CB radio problems

    Since the last club run, I think my CB is having some transmitting problems. It seems to recive ok but the transmit is weak. I got out my RadShack Field Strength/SWR meter. The SWR looks good at about 1.1 to 1.2. I had never tried to measure field strength before but found that the meter had...
  20. 60wag

    Mech advance springs in the dizzy?

    I had my distributor apart to check some things. Its an 84FJ60. When I got down to the mechanical advance weights and springs, I noticed that the two springs are different. The one picture in the book sort of confirms that it supposed to be that way. One has a much large hook on the end than...
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