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  1. vmi01sbc02

    Is a 20” wheel too big for 100-series?

    Backstory:After selling my Rock Warriors to 3 great guys, I picked up a set of gently used 20” Tundra limited wheels running at least half tread of KO2s. The front tires are balanced perfectly and the tread wear is even and flat. The rear two tires have a little less tread (not by much) but have...
  2. vmi01sbc02

    SOLD  (NoVA/DC/MD/WV area)Yet another set of Rock Warrior wheels/tires

    Hi guys, Selling my Rock Warriors. Need new tires and was going to get all seasons vs KO2s. The RW wheel “deserves” an aggressive tire, and I don’t want to “offend” the mud community, LOL! The wheels are good/very good condition. Only one wheel has a small rash other three are in good shape. I...
  3. vmi01sbc02

    SOLD  2001 Fender Flares

    I finally took off my fender flares like most folks. They’re in the garage and the wife says they need to go!! $100+shipping. No scratches, in great shape!
  4. vmi01sbc02

    For Sale  2001 LC in Winchester/NoVa

    She’s back on the market! Fellow Mudders, After going through all the work to bring this truck back to life, I realize I prefer the 5sp vs the 4sp. Here’s the details: 2001 LC with 218k Previously a NC truck with NONE of the DC/Md rust I’ve seen on a few other 100’s I’ve seen lately. Had a full...
  5. vmi01sbc02

    Need front diff fluid or just normal AWD “feel”

    Not trying to come up with issues, but does anyone else have “drag” accelerating with a 4sp 1998-2002? I test drive a 2005 LX and don’t remember the “feeling” in the pedal accelerating that I’m getting in my 2001. Front diff is seaping fluid (not dropping in driveway) but no other grinding...
  6. vmi01sbc02

    Wanted  LX470 interior door panels

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a set of 4 interior door panels for a 1998-2002 LX. Don’t need switches or anything but the leather/plastic panel. Shipping to 22656. Thanks!
  7. vmi01sbc02

    My first post and I’m already asking for help!

    Hey fellas, I’m still pretty excited at my new purchase but I’m starting to see all the PM that didn’t get done on my 2001. She’s got 210k on the clock and pretty well cared for...however...I’m pretty sure the timing belt is due (no previous record of it) and the PO pretty much just changed oil...
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