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  1. Skreddy

    What is this Shield / Bracket?

    I have this shield or bracket for my 71; I cannot figure out where it goes from looking through pics. It was in a box with the battery mount but that doesn’t mean much. I assume it’s some kind of splash guard or heat shield. Just trying to sort stuff out for paint and this one’s got me.
  2. Skreddy

    How much seam sealer?

    Hoping to be painting in the next month or so and making sure I get everything I need ordered so I’m ready. For those of you that have re-seam sealed a tub, how much did you use? I don’t want to run out part way through. Haven’t decided on whether I’ll try a 2 part or something like the fast n...
  3. Skreddy

    Rollbar in 71

    My 71 came with an aftermarket rollbar, from searching its likely a Smittybilt Sandbar or similar. To use it, it spaces the jumpseats out from where they should be. Basically, I don’t think I want to put it back in since I’m going for pretty much stock. Is there added value to having it? If I...
  4. Skreddy

    What Paint and Primer? (SS)

    While I’m not quite ready for paint yet, I hope to be in the next couple months. I’d like to be ready and have my paint choice sorted. My tub is already blasted and I need to fill holes and a small amount of rust repair then plan to get it in epoxy primer while I work the rest of the body parts...
  5. Skreddy

    Are these holes extra?

    I took the top off my 71 to start bodywork and noticed these holes the whole way around the tub where the hard top sits. I believe the larger holes (green circles) are stock for soft top snaps? But thought the smaller holes (red circles) were something a PO likely did.
  6. Skreddy

    Skreddy’s 71 Resto

    I picked up this 71 over the weekend. Plan is a full, back to stock restoration. Haven’t had time to inventory everything yet and get more pics but the story is below as I know it so far. (Sorry it’s long). Saw it on Craigslist a few days ago and messaged the guy and my buddy drove up to look...
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