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    Programming a Transponder Key for 99 TLC

    System schematics Wow! What a pile of BS. Electronic remote/transponder/duhicky thimabobs. A buddy of mine lost his 2003 LC keys and we are now going thru this crap; secruity my ass. Altho the thread is super important; has anyone considered looking into a go-around fix. Maybe a wiring mod that...
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    First impression - 40" Rigid Industries combo LED lightbar

    Amazing, wonder what current is drawn with the LED's? dfm
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Gas cap Playing reset-rebuild computer. Got a flakey gas cap. ...
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    Clusters, Gauges, Speedo & Odo meters

    Ref:Post#92 & my 1979-80 FJ40. My '79 FJ40 with about 83000 miles on the meter has a totally stock ammeter. I have owned the money pit from new and the ammeter never deflected much at all. This is true this date as in 1980 as a new vehicle. To test the ammeter I disable engine starting...
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    Newly infected with the FJ 40 bug.

    Somewhere on here I posted a list of manuals that u will find mucho helpful. Do a search for these.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Moved the FJ40 to the Evergreen mountains where it belongs - it likes it here; except for the engine tuning. Needs some carb tweek at 8200 ft amsl.
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    Electric vs Manual fuel pump

    Like Steamer says; I've been using my electric for years as a vapor lock aid and fuel bowl primer. I also have installed insulation on the fuel line. However, I think its important to keep a few new manual pumps on hand - Toyota brand quality is hard to beat.
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    And so it begins: My first 94 FZJ80

    Nice find. Most important is front end maintenance. New seals and syn-grease. Rear seals as well. Next , look into DBA rotors and FJ100 pads in front, FJ80 stock in rear. 94 LC brakes are not as good as new models. The money pit begins
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    Unbalanceable tires now smooth as glass!!!

    Thx ws; will use that idea on my FJ40
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    Window channel weathersripping

    Dealers still stock all the parts for a widow rebuild! ...
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    Carb question on my 79

    My '79 will do the same thing; so here's what I have done. Install an inline electric fuel pump. Insulate the fuel line from stock pump all the way to the carb. See: Bentley-Harris Convoshield – Protective Chrome Tubing for Hoses and Wires This will help, but may not cure the problem...
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    Need help with a Big Oil Leak

    It might be possible the the drain plug seal is worn out and leaking. The other problem could be engine failure; ie, oil rings, head gasket failure. ...
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    craigslist 1982 fj40 w/ plow

    That beauty will need a lot of work, me thinks...
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    270A Alternator installed, but still not 14.4V

    Be thankful ur seeing what u are reading. 13.6-13-8 idle charge voltage is perfect. If the alternator is working correctly, u will see, upon starting the FZJ80, a voltage spike to ~15.5 volts - which will rapidly drop to 14.2 volts and then more slowly to 13.8. If u see a voltage of , say , 14.5...
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    What did an early-mid 60's FJ40 cost new?

    I think I paid ~$2800 for my 1968...
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    2 Meter Radio / OffRoad Use

    Look into the Yaesu FTM-350R; probably the best dual band, easy to use rig out there. Yaesu is noted for crappy manuals and this one is no exception. But the rig can be run almost without the use of the manual, a first for Yeasu. k0dar
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    glazed and confused

    Find out where 'he-Mr Smith' buys his fuel. I'd bet its caused by crappy juice running thru the carb. ...
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    It's a different world.....

    really great shots; thx ...
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    For Sale 1994 fzj80

    Dam, that's nicer than mine! ...
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    Been waiting for years to make this post...

    Is that a stock color? ...
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