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  1. dd113

    1HD-FTE Interest?

    Hi All, What sort of interest would there be in 1HD FTE full conversion kits? We start with a truck so we can supply all that is needed.
  2. dd113

    You all might get a kick out of this :)

    Go here: Picasa Web Albums - david - Danny P FJ 55... That sucker is heavy to lift!
  3. dd113

    need some 3B help

    Anyone got PICs of the PS, AC, Vac pump alt on a 3B in either a BJ 60 and or a BJ 42 either or both with RHD?
  4. dd113

    What type of English do you speak?

    This is from an interview with Brig. Gen. Rodeheaver the commander of the Ga National Guard 48th Inf Bde where he is reflecting on being in Iraq and interacting with other colition troops. "How many of you have ever had to work with British military folks? They're just different people. My...
  5. dd113

    Service Dogs

    Many of you know Sam. I have applied to have her registered as an official service dog. I listed her as an essential companion. If approved she will get the yellow vest and be allowed to go anywhere I go; and I dont need to pay her admission nor clean up her poop in public. Taking this idea...
  6. dd113

    parting out some 55s

    I have a beat 78 and a beat 73. Both are more or less complete sans drivelines. I dont have time to pull parts or list parts. If you want it come look at it and make me an offer. Going to the crusher in a week or so. Lots of good parts available.
  7. dd113

    Wanted  WTB Fj 60/62 gates

    We need a 62 upper gate and a 60 or 62 lower gate. PM me with condition, location, prices.
  8. dd113

    60 Series snorkel FS

    ARB snorkel for sale. PICs are accurate! It went onver 3 times with me in the 62 and is about the only thing not bent to hell on it! Go to to see how it looks new. It is scratched but not cracked and works 100%. The A pillar mount is...
  9. dd113

    ABS sensors FS

    FZJ 80 ABS sensors for sale. I have one set of fronts and 2 sets of rears. $50 per sensor shipped. ABS actuator from a '96 $175 shipped PM me if ya want them
  10. dd113

    Big Gay 80 build

    The Big Gay 80 is getting bigger and gayer. My goal is to create the ugliest Gay 80 ever. XZLs arrived today 38.5" x 11"...... real height none of that swamper 37" that really means 35" BS for the Big Gay 80!
  11. dd113

    trash n the paint

    We are doing a bunch of small items on a daily basis using AE. We clean the crap out of everything and use a good cleaner prior to painting but we still get soem trash in the paint due to the long dry times of AE. What is the best way to sand/buff out trash on a samll scale? Currently I am...
  12. dd113

    FJ 62 ac install PICs

    It took a while....
  13. dd113

    OME 863s FS

    OME 863 rear heavy coils FS. In great shape about 8k on them with a few mild wheeling trips. $120 shipped
  14. dd113

    OME J coils

    1 set OME J coils 850J for front applications; you get 2! Great shape about 8k on them with a few mild wheeling trips. $115 shipped
  15. dd113

    OME L shocks FS

    2 - N73L Front Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers (Extended Length) 2 - N74L Rear Nitrocharger Shock Absorbers (Extended Length) All 4 in good shape. Normal road wear is there; some paint chips etc... They have about 6k on them with only 2 mild wheeling trips. In fantastic shape and cheap...
  16. dd113

    FZJ 80 e locker Short shaft

    FZJ 80 e locker short side shaft FS. Thsi is ONKY for the E locked FF rear axles! $85 shipped
  17. dd113

    FZJ e locker FS

    FZJ 80 rear e locker/diff assy. Includes the differential assy with stock R+P, the e lock actuator and motor. Does not come with any harness, just the pigtale off of the motor. This a complete take out from a '95 with about 150k on it. 60 day warr. on entire unit Also includes the short side...
  18. dd113

    Wanted  16" wheels wanted

    I need 5, 16 x 8" or 7" with 4.5" backspacing or slightly less (same as an FZJ 80) Tundra spares or used rockrawlers are fine. I need cheap! Steel wheels only. No OEM wheels needed No bling!
  19. dd113

    80 Series swing out tire carrier

    Iron Pig swing out spare tire carrier in great shape. Lance @ Iron Pig makes some very nice stuff and I was lucky enough to get one of these about 2 years ago. i wheeled a bit with it on but no major scrapes or rash. Swing out will handle 35" plus on a smooth, sealed pivot. The locking latch...
  20. dd113

    2B tach pick up

    Just a bit of knowledge that will never be used again.... The 2B bellhousings did not come with the bung for the OEM tach pickup as used on other B + H motors. We were going to replace the housing but we made it work. I have PICs if anyone really cares but it is possible to line it all...
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