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    Hit by drunk driver... how bad is this?

    I was hit head on by a drunk driver late last night. Thank god for my ARB bull bar. The truck was idling and functioning perfectly at the scene (obviously I wasn’t driving around much). The cops looked at it and said it was up to me to report to insurance but they probably wouldn’t. Anyways I...
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    How am I source old ARB locker seals?

    My 97 40th had lockers installed I believe in 2003. Things worked great but then I upgraded the air compressor to a newer ARB model so I could also air up my tires. That was neat but it blew the front locker I guess. Took it to a shop and they’ve had it on the lift for a whole month trying to...
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    Imminent HG failure? Or normal coolant use?

    What’s normal replacement of coolant like? How often and how much? We have two cruisers in the family, nearly identical. A 96 & 97 both with 260k miles. The 96 had the HG done at some point, the 97 (seemingly) never did. Both cars went through a solid baseline service and within 2,000 miles or...
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    Exhaust manifold leaking oil or???

    Was testing the arb air lockers today and when I tested the front I got a big puff of smoke and the sound of wheezing. Clearly the line had torn. Looked underneath and It seemed like the exhaust manifolds were leaking oil? I couldn’t find a source of oil above/around them and each pipe had the...
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    When can I engage cdl?

    My bro and I are trying to figure this out. Recently installed cdl switch... when can we engage the button? We know under what conditions to press it (gravel, wet, etc) just what is the manner in which you engage it? I’m under the impression you can engage it sitting still or while driving in...
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    New around here. Help with idle issue (somewhat urgent)

    96 80 series is doing something funny on idle whether in park or in neutral. It’ll idle at normal speed then after about ten seconds I hear an audible click and then idle goes up to just shy of 1k for ten seconds then drops back down to regular idle. The car feels solid and this issue almost...
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