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    Power steering long tube rusted - will it go in/out in one piece ?

    Power steering dumped its fluid and the leak is the hard tube loop rusty under the radiator. Can it be removed and replaced with a new one in one piece. Tried at the end of today to get it out without success yet. Whats the secret ye experienced ones please ?
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    Brakes weak and weird

    Hi Folks, My 60 has laid off the road for quite a while, drove it today and there is no feel in the brakes, if I press hard I can stop and lockup one of the wheels, the pedal feels a bit low when pressed. If I pump the pedal it comes to the top but then the brakes are even weaker. Does...
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    Can you still get these wheel nuts?

    I looked for these in the UK without success. My 60 has alloy wheels by Haslbeck that don't seem to be in business anymore as wheel makers. The steel washers that fit in the wheel have a taper on both sides, to match the wheel nut socket and the nut. I'd like to keep the wheels but...
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    Broken loom wire, how to fix

    I think I finally found the cause of my won't turn off problem. There's no continuity in the 'red' wire from the loom to relay plug in the driver footwell (RHD) to the EDIC motor loom plug in the engine bay. This is the 'stop' wire. Question is how do I fix it? From what I can see the...
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    Diesel 60 series EDIC problem - can I test the relay ?

    Hi All, Having another go at fixing my 'wont turn off' problem. Last year I took the EDIC motor off and it tested Ok on the bench on a battery, going through its cycles. I bought a second hand EDIC relay from a breaker (condition unknown) and that made no difference. Both relays look OK...
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    HJ60 wont switch off

    Hi My 2h HJ60 wont turn off on the key, whats the likely causes/fixes please? have my vehicle safety test today and guess they wont like that !!! I'm looking near the ebdic and cant see any wires or vacuum pipes to check? rgds
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    Leak on top of transfer case

    Hi, Got a leak on top of my transfer case. (This is a lead on from another thread I had about part no's, copied it here to a more relevant title.) What could it be please?? I've replaced the front and rear output seals, and both the speedo drive seals. The output shafts are definitely dry...
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    OEM parts source in Europe ??

    Hi, Does anyone know of an OEM online (or at least phone and post) parts source in UK or Europe please. My Toyota dealer is miles away. rgds
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    how does this @*&^%$ weatherstrip fit !!

    Hi, Bought some nice new weatherstrip for the top of my new welded and painted doors to keep the nasty rain out. How the hell do they fit please? The slots in the chrome and the door dont line up and the new clips are different to the old clips. http:// I tried pushing the chrome strip into...
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    Part No's Pls - Swivel Hub and rear transfer Seals

    Hi, Pls could anyone let me have the Toyota part numbers for Front knuckle/Swivel housing bearing rebuild kit and The oil seal at the rear of the transfer case (I hear the 62 one is better?) Or are the aftermarket ones ok for the swivel rebuild. I'm in the uk and Milner have these...
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    Can ya point me to some good rust repair threads pls?

    Hi All, My 60 is going in for some bodywork and I was looking for some rust repair good threads for inspiration for the body guy. Can you point me to some please? On the list is both rear wheel arches Bottom of some door repairs and below the quarter light glass on the rears. Inside of front...
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    new 60, a few little probs

    Hi, Picked up a new HJ60 at the weekend, quite tidy, interior is like new, chassis solid, and only minor rot in the body, gonna try and get that sorted asap, especially as I live near the coast. Going to give it a mechanical going over at the weekend but a couple of things I noticed 1. Sounds...
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    45 rust - how bad could it be?

    Hi, I'm considering importing an FJ45 from Aus to the UK but there are a couple of bits of rust I'd appreciate an opinion on please. The first is under the paint where the side panel behind the fender joins the passenger floor. The pics are not much to go on I know, but can anyone give me an...
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