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  1. RHINO

    tires and wheels FS

  2. RHINO

    interest in my pig?

    just wanted to throw it out there, any locals interested in my pig,, needs a new home. most of ya know about it, those that dont feel free to contact me. asking $4500 but we can talk offers.
  3. RHINO

    arizona to northern ca.?

    taken care of
  4. RHINO

    my pig for sale

    i cant do it,,,, withdrawn from sale. apologies to anyone affected by the release of the devastating news.
  5. RHINO

    piggy for sale

    if any of you are interested i listed my pig for sale, for real this time.
  6. RHINO

    For Sale  FJ55 trail rig

    i have played with selling my rig before, but now its for real, i have an itch to build something so its time to see if there is interested in my pig to bring in some money or some new equipment for the shop, i'm totally open to horsetrading. its a 75FJ55 thats got a lot of work in to it...
  7. RHINO

    I-10 east needed

    no longer needed
  8. RHINO

    conneticut to arizona?

    no longer needed
  9. RHINO


    removed for now
  10. RHINO

    .120 tube?

    long shot i know, does anyone have 1.5 .120 tube extra you dont need, bought for a project that didnt happen whatever, i am paying, not looking for freebes
  11. RHINO

    Project Topless

    those of you with toples pigs. how is the dust? i have always thought of chopping the top off and i think i'm ready to do it but i want to know about dust while jamming down dirt rds and such.
  12. RHINO

    3 speed transfer case Phx az

    anyone interested in a 3 speed case? its all there (i think). i took it apart to run behind my four speed but plans changed so its been sitting in this box forever. not sure about a price,,, $50? shoot me an offer.
  13. RHINO

    H55F tranny Phx az

    H55F in parts in a box. a bearing on the main shaft spun and trashed the shaft. tranny came out of a 60 series. $300
  14. RHINO

    just curious,,,

    does anybody know a manufacturer that can make custom torsion bars? i have tried the google search, and of the ones who responded to my e-mail, none of them do custom work. thanks
  15. RHINO

    For Sale  off road trailer

  16. RHINO

    lookin for an off road trailer?

    cant delete threads anymore?
  17. RHINO

    air filter help

    i am looking for this style air filter, i think its the same bottom and element as the USA gas version so i would be happy to save on shipping and just do the top and flex tube.. any of ya guys help me out with it?
  18. RHINO

    5lb propane tanks

    sold, feel free to remove, thanks
  19. RHINO

    marana area camping

    going to be in marana for a couple days, dont like hotels, where would i want to camp? i know some of the regular spots but i dont know of anything relatively quick access from marana. suggestions?
  20. RHINO

    anyone do auto glass?

    cash side job maybe? thanks
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