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  1. Shawn Russell

    For Sale  So Cal: FJ40 Parts

    I have a bunch of random junk I need to get rid of. Let me know what you want, and I will get you a price. Located in the San Bernardino Area. SOLD: Running boards Trailer hitch Tow hooks 1 set door latch parts (left one in photo) Flywheel cover and inspection cover Bumperetts All Shackles...
  2. Shawn Russell

    For Sale  Tub / Tub Parts (So Cal)

    Have a friend with a tub that he wants to get rid of. Take the whole thing for $500 OBO (since I have to put a price) or willing to cut up. Let me know what you want / need and maybe what you want to pay for the part of the tub. There is rust in parts (see photos), No Cowl, No Vin, rear doors...
  3. Shawn Russell

    Trail Candy

    If this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it. Has anyone else been having problems with Trail Candy? I had a hard time placing an order with them (they would not get back to me on a time frame or a total price for all the stuff I wanted). Then when I get the order it is...
  4. Shawn Russell

    FS: Misc 45 parts - SoCal

    Out of my 1965 FJ45. The driver seat seems to be correct for the 45, however, I am not sure about the pass seat being correct for the 45. It fit and worked fine, just did not seem to sit right in the truck. MIGHT be from a 40. Material is soft and NOT dried out. There area few SMALL holes in...
  5. Shawn Russell

    For Sale  FJ45 / 40 Parts - SoCal

    Out of my 1965 FJ45. The driver seat is correct for the 45, however, I am not sure about the pass seat being correct for the 45. It fit and worked fine, just did not seem to sit right in the truck. MIGHT be from a 40. Material is soft and NOT dried out. There area few SMALL holes in the top...
  6. Shawn Russell

    45 Short Bed With TH350

    Has anyone got some photos of how they fit a SBC 350 / TH350 in their 45 PU? It looks like there is going to have to be A LOT of cutting to get the TH350 in there. I have the AA adaptor, and with it, the transfer case is not even in the stock tunnel opening. It looks like even the stock...
  7. Shawn Russell

    SM465 Plate Adaptors

    *** AS OF 3/31/13 I HAVE SOME ADAPTORS READY TO GO - IN HAND *** I had the last post about this in the tech section, so I hope this is still okay to post it here. Here is the link to the last order. LINK -> Price is...
  8. Shawn Russell

    MAF Aluminum Radiator

    I have a stock size MAF Alum Rad I need to let go. Upgraded to a larger rad to keep my built 350 cool. Includes mount, bottom plug, and V8 shroud. Below is the link for the Rad on MAF's site. I can't seem to find the link for the shroud. MAF Aluminum Billet Radiators Asking $350.00...
  9. Shawn Russell

    SM465 Plate Adaptor

    *** 3/31/13 I have a few more in hand if anyone still needs one. *** Figured I would cross post this for the non 40 people. ••• First Order Thread Below ••• Includes all the hardware shown. Price $250.00 and...
  10. Shawn Russell

    SM465 Plate Adaptors

    Not sure if this is the right place or not. I am thinking of getting some SM465 adaptor plates made up. Is there any interest in this? Are people just using the AA adaptor or the "kit" from Classic cruisers? I can get as few as 10 made, however the more I get made, the cheaper they would be...
  11. Shawn Russell

    Trade  Have FJ40 Hood - Need Bib

    I have a nice hood from a FJ40 that I was going to cut up for a project. but it is too nice to cut. I am looking for an early front bib (with parking light cutouts) and maybe the front 12 inches of your not so good hood. Local (SoCal) would be best for me... Not too sure how to ship a...
  12. Shawn Russell

    Wanted  2004 Taco Chrome Front Bumper

    Looking for a nice (not dents / major scratches) FRONT CHROME bumper for a 2004 Tacoma. Would be nice if it were in So Cal for easy pickup. Thanks Shawn
  13. Shawn Russell

    For Sale  Free Parts

    There is a catch, NO SHIPPING! Must pick up by Sat Nov 28. After that, all parts will be going to the recycler.. Located in Highland CA (San Bernardino area). Shawn SBC 350 Valve Covers SBC Power Steering Pump Third Member with broken tooth on pinon gear Full Floater Drums/backing...
  14. Shawn Russell

    SOR Soft Top

    SOR now has a soft top for OEM bows. Has anyone seen it in person? Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 268 SOR Softtop Shawn
  15. Shawn Russell

    For Sale  Misc FJ40 Parts In So Cal. (+ OEM Bows)

    BOWS ARE ••• SOLD •• SOLD •• SOLD ••• MORE ITEMS BELOW!!! Don't think I am going to use the OEM Soft Top Bows and SOFT DOORS after all, and have some other parts to get out of my way.... Smaller parts can be shipped, not too sure about the bows. I hear it is about 100 to ship the...
  16. Shawn Russell

    Sag P/S Parts New

    Going a different route, need to sell these parts. They are new, never installed. All are Downey Off-Road parts. See their page for more information. 453MP Steering Box Mounting Plate 32436 Steering Shaft With upper and lower U-Jounts 45264 Early Model Anchor Cost from...
  17. Shawn Russell

    Wanted  WANTED: Front Bumper Brackets

    Looking for the front bumper brackets that attach to the side of the frame rails for an '70 FJ40. Need both sides. NOT the triangle brackets on the top. Thanks Shawn
  18. Shawn Russell

    More Misc Parts So Cal

    Here are a few more parts that need to go... Parts are in Highland CA 92346 ( San Bernardino) All parts are + shipping or local pickup. All prices are obo... 50.00 Spare tire carrier ( What you see is what you get ) 75.00 Headers 75.00 Chevy bell housing and 3 speed adaptor plate 25.00 Ram...
  19. Shawn Russell

    FJ40 Roll Bar

    I have a roll bar that was just removed form my 40 to make room for my new Metal Tech cage. Asking $100.00 obo. Located in San Bernardino (Highland) CA 92346 SOLD - Thanks! Thanks Shawn
  20. Shawn Russell

    Rear FF Disc Conversion

    Has anyone else done this? ( Rear Full Floater Disk Brake Conversion ) I have had nothing but problems with this conversion. The instructions look VERY simple, however, it turns out to not be. I bought the brackets from a fellow 'Mud member. They would not fit around the flange, had...
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