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  1. fireball

    Keystone Cruisers BESF weekend campout! Oct 10-13

    Keystone Cruisers! I’d like to organize a long weekend for club members to camp out and explore the bald eagle state forest. @rubicondon53 and I are leading a multi-way expo trip through the forest during CMCC and would like to invite the club members to come join me for a long weekend to...
  2. fireball

    Door chime and keyless LOCK malfunction

    Hello all, Have an issue with my 99, did some searching but didn’t come up with much so hoping someone can help! The door chime now beeps Whenever the driver door is open, regardless of if the key is in or out of the ignition. Also, the keyless lock function of my key fob isn’t working...
  3. fireball

    Watched forums - clubhouse and classifieds not listed

    When I click on my watched forums it does not show the two clubhouses and misc classified forums that I am subscribed to. When I click on those forums they do still show up as watched. Any help?! Thanks!
  4. fireball

    Indoor go kart racing

    I want to take my guys for a fun afternoon of go cart racing. Has anyone been to the autobahn track up near Harrisburg or to slick willies out near Reading? Figured at least a few of you had been to one of these establishments and could offer some advice! Could also make for a fun club outing...
  5. fireball

    For Sale 200 series - OEM 18" rims from 2016 LC - Broomfield, CO

    Excellent condition, 18" OEM rims and tires off my 2016. The vehicle, rims, tires all had 11k miles on them when I purchased. Quantity 5. Price includes lug nuts, caps, rims and tires. NO TPMS sensors. MUST pickup in Stockton at Valley Hybrids. MUST bring Georg & crew a case of beer as...
  6. fireball

    For Sale 100 series - Dissent Off Road REAR BUMPER

    After admiring them at 100s in the Hills, I purchased a Dissent Off Road rear bumper. Got it a few months ago, had it powder coated BK01 (textured matte black) but never got around to installing it. I've got a newer 200 now, so am selling the bumper. Ben @ dissent was nice enough to make...
  7. fireball

    Nitto - Trail Grappler M/T

    Does anyone have experience with these tires? Was going to run the KO2 in 285/75/17 but they look to be pretty universally out of stock right now. Starting looking at the Nitto trail grapper and note they come in both 285/75/17 and a 35/11.5/17. (34.76 x 11.42) Would be curious if anyone...
  8. fireball

    Redarc Tow-Pro Elite

    Greetings all, I've been researching information on brake controllers and wiring for my BJ74. A few threads have some fairly complicated setups with relays and such. Looking online, it appears the Redarc Tow-Pro elite may be the answer to our 24V to 12V complications! Tow-Pro Elite...
  9. fireball

    2013+ bumper skin

    Hello all, I'd like to update my 2008 to the 2013-2015 front end. Front bumper cover and fog lights. If anyone is getting an aftermarket bumper and has their front skin or fog lights available I'd like to take them off your hands! Thank you.
  10. fireball

    Anyone at Picayune?

    Anyone near Picayune that could take a look at a used 200 for me at a Chevy dealership? I'd prefer to have an enthusiast's eyes on it before buying site unseen! Will happily compensate you with cash (paypal), beer, or a few quarts of old mobil 10w30!
  11. fireball

    Anyone near Picayune?

    Anyone near Picayune that could take a look at a used 200 for me at a Chevy dealership? I'd prefer to have an enthusiast's eyes on it before buying site unseen! Will happily compensate you with cash (paypal), beer, or a few quarts of old mobil 30! Thank you, Ben
  12. fireball

    24v fog light switch

    Greetings, Can these still be obtained? Looking for an oem switch to use for the fog lights on my bj74. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. fireball

    For Sale 100 series - ARB Sahara Bar - well used

    Folks, I have an ARB Sahara bar for the 100 series I am selling. I purchased and installed it Jan 2014. It has been well used since then! I scuffed the powder coat when I bought it and sprayed it with Rustoleum black bedliner which is a good match to the BIOR rear bumper black texture...
  14. fireball

    BJ74 - 13bt turbo oil feed/return gasket

    Folks, While removing the turbo to install a "properly located" EGT fitting the turbo oil feed/return gasket tore. Does anyone know if the easiest/quickest way to get this gasket or have any advice on how to proceed? Many thanks!
  15. fireball

    Can we make he grey dot bigger?!

    Woody any chance of enlarging the grey dot that takes you to the latest post on a thread? Without Tapatalk trying to read the forum on my phone I try to hit the dot to go to the newest post but about half the time I get the thread originators profile page! Thanks for the consideration!
  16. fireball

    Rausch next week anyone?

    Anyone up for a little day trip to RC next week? They are open everyday b/w Christmas and New Years and the weather looks pretty darn good. We've got a light work schedule so I would love to sneak away for a day if anyone is keen to hit the trails.
  17. fireball

    Hand throttle question

    Greetings all, I have a quick question regarding the hand throttle on my BJ74. As it currently stands, it takes a few revs of the dial before "engaging" or doing anything. I'd like to adjust the cable if possible so that as soon as I start to rotate the knob that it engages/raises the RPM...
  18. fireball

    Bumper fabricator

    Does anyone know of someone relatively local, relatively skilled and decently priced who might want to fab up a one-off front bumper for my 100 series? If so, please advise!
  19. fireball

    Aftermarket rear bumper and trailer

    Greetings guys, Does anyone running an aftermarket bumper have a trailer and if so I'd love to see your setup and what you did to clear the tire carrier swing arm. I have a BIOR rear bumper and just got an AT flatbed trailer. To keep the trailer level I am using a 3/4" rise mount and it...
  20. fireball

    Anthracite expansion

    Just passing along the article: Grant grows AOAA by 200 acres | | News-Item
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