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  1. JRFJ4-

    New Toyhauler

    Finally bought a trailer last week. I have been wanting one for a couple of years, and finally found a pretty good deal on one. I am planning on putting either a pop up or a truck camper on the front. It just depends on what I find. It's heavy, but it pulls great with the cruiser on...
  2. JRFJ4-

    Had to put dog to sleep

    We had to take our Macie Lou and have her put to sleep yesterday morning. She was at least 15 years old. My wife picked her up as a stray 4 years ago. She was a great dog, very smart and very attached to my wife. My wife is not taking this well at all. Macie has not been getting...
  3. JRFJ4-

    Well Drilling

    Does anybody here know anything about well drilling. I finally got someone out to the house the other day. Been trying to get someone out for two months. They got to about 50 feet and I heard the drill rig shut down. The guy came over and said they had drilled into a cave. They told me...
  4. JRFJ4-

    My famous dog ha ha

    We sent a picture of our dog to Pabst Blue Ribbon a few weeks ago. They sent me a email yesterday and said they had posted her picture on their website. It's the same picture as my avatar but here is the link if you want to look.
  5. JRFJ4-

    Heims/Johnny Joint/Bushings for 4 link

    I have got my tubing for my links. My neighbor scored 190 feet of 1.75" .500 wall dom for $1.50 a foot.:bounce: I didn't believe it until I saw it. The guy kept promising it was DOM, I was expecting pipe. But sure enough it's dom. Anyway, I can't make up my mind about ends. Local shop...
  6. JRFJ4-

    New Shop/Barn with Cruiser content

    I started on my barn/dream shop last week. Main building will be 40' x 80' with a 20'x80' side shed. I am going to pour concrete in 40'x40' of it for my shop. 4" on 12" metal trusses on ten foot centers. Side sheds are 3" on 12". Main barn sits 16 feet at the posts, because I needed the...
  7. JRFJ4-

    Best Hardtop Removal Ever

    In almost eighteen years of having my cruiser, this was by far the best hardtop removal ever. I love my new tractor. JR
  8. JRFJ4-

    Parts Need Before Scc!!!!!!!!!

    This is posted on the SCC questions and chat. Looks like my CLUTCH master cylinder may be losing fluid. I've called around and nobody can have one until Friday. Can anybody get a rebuild kit for a 1976 FJ40, or have a spare just in case. Give me a call, I'll keep looking up this...
  9. JRFJ4-

    LED FLASHERS For the 1000th time

    OK, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have Led's at all four courners of the cruiser and they will not blink. I bought a different flasher (mechanical) that didn't help. Then I learned about resistors. I bought resistors and they still do not flash. I guess the resistors are not...
  10. JRFJ4-

    Wanted  FJ40 FRAME AND BODY Southeast

    I need to find a FJ40 body and frame. It can be in rough shape. Rusted floors is ok, just needs decent sides to weld in new metal. I do not need axles/seats/top/cage etc. Windshield would be nice. Basically I just need the frame/tub/front bib/hood/windshield. Somewhere in the...
  11. JRFJ4-

    Honda Element

    Honda Element Brake Rotor Questions I know this is the wrong website, but oh well. I am in the process of changing front brake rotors on the wife's Element. I've read that some some Honda's you have to use a pickle fork to remove both ball joints and remove some bolts from the backside of...
  12. JRFJ4-

    Which tire 42" TSL or IROK

    I "THINK" I have decided on 42" tires for my rig. I wanted the 44's, but I need to get wider wheels, and I really do not like the 18.5" wide tire. What does everyone think. Mud, rocks, mud. I've heard bad things about both and good things about both. A $1300 investment needs a little...
  13. JRFJ4-

    Anyone got a tape measure & a FJ40 close?

    If you got a tape measure and a FJ40. Please measure the distance across the headlights (outside drivers side to outside passenger side) and the vertical distance from the top of the headlights to the frame. I forgot to do this yesterday, and I'm hunting a piece of expanded metal...
  14. JRFJ4-

    Possible New Buildup

    We have located a rough old cruiser to make into a 2 1/2 rockwelled monster. What do you think about all the running gear out of this truck in a cruiser. My neighbor is wanting something different, and we have found a cruiser, so I think I might have another cruiser in the neighborhood...
  15. JRFJ4-

    ROTW JR'S Cruiser

    Ok, it's my turn. I've had this cruiser for about 17 years. I wanted a Toyota 4wd when I turned 16, but my dad knows how boys are. He talked me into getting a cheaper car, 1986 Toyota MR2, and buying a FJ40. He had always wanted one. He knew I would get out and tear up my truck and not...
  16. JRFJ4-

    Orbit Eyes for Springs

    Anybody had any experience with the Orbit Eyes? Alcan Springs sells them. Just wondering about pros/cons from everyone. Thanks, JR
  17. JRFJ4-

    Grey Rock April 21, 22, 23

    Grey Rock is having a ride next weekend. Is anyone planning to go? I'm thinking about it, but don't know yet. JR
  18. JRFJ4-

    wheels tires gas tank

    I have four American Racing 136 15x8 aluminum wheels with P78/15LT bias ply buckshot mudders. Tires are in real good shape. No rock rash/plugs/or patches. You can see by the pictures of the tread remaining. Actually measure over 31 inches sitting on concrete. I had these on my FJ40...
  19. JRFJ4-

    Wanted  Wanted JD2 Model 3 Tubing Bender

    I need a JD2 Model 3 Tubing Bender. Give me a shout if you got one. J.R. 256-505-1373
  20. JRFJ4-

    Propane or Carb. What would you do?

    I'm still have some problems with my carb, 750 Edelbrock Performer. I can swap my carb for a propane setup. Can't afford fuel injection right now. What does everyone think? One of my buddies is running propane and loves it. J.R.
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