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  1. Ohanlon

    For Sale  1985 Red FJ60 NC $3500

    Where else can you get an FJ60 in NC for $3500? I planned to renovate this, and would do it, but I have one too many non-running vehicles, and not enough time ... The good: 164 K miles Good (though old--don't leak and look OK) tires, decent interior, little rust. Great roof rack, giant jack...
  2. Ohanlon

    For Sale  FZJ75 1998 Troopy in Dom. Rep.

    This Troopy is beautifully unattainable in the USA til 2023, but for sale in Dominican Republic -- $25K US. The troopy (we called it "Gandalf") is in Santiago, DR. We are presently in NC, USA. will be in DR from Feb. 28 to March 18. I love this truck, would not sell it if we still lived in...
  3. Ohanlon

    VIP RS3000--where's the ECU?

    Dear Friends at IH8, anyone know where the heck they put the ECU on the port/dealer installed VIP RS3000 security system in a 1998 FZJ75??? Mine is NOT under the driver's seat, it is NOT visible when the stereo head unit is out, it is NOT visible through the ashtray, and I did not see any sign...
  4. Ohanlon

    For Sale  1998 FZJ75 Toyota (troopy) Rear gas tank and split bench/bucket front seats

    Seats sold... still have gasoline tank
  5. Ohanlon

    Wanted  Remote for 1998 Toyota VIP alarm/keyless entry.

    I finally installed aftermarket alarm... working well now. This truck had an alarm with no beeper or remote... kind of a pain. Sincerely, Mike
  6. Ohanlon

    1998 FZJ75 (troopy) VIP Security system questions...

    Y'all were VERY helpful with my first question, so I'm gonna throw a harder one out here-- We have a 98 troopy (as in title) and it has a Toyota VIP alarm system, but the peace corps, or one of the previous owners, has conveniently lost the remote. Do any of y'all know how I can tell if this...
  7. Ohanlon

    Finding parts for FZJ75 (mirrors, sun visors, etc.)

    Dear New friends at IH8Mud: We have an FZJ75 (1998--photos later!) we live in the Dominican Republic, and parts for these are nearly nonexistent... Wondering if I can find body parts (mirrors, sun visors, door thresholds, etc. in the US or??? we have a US shipping address, so US is probably...
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