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  1. ro8775nv

    Leather Toyota Key Chains From

    New Leather Toyota Key Chains From Battle Born Clothing These have been super popular in the Facebook Groups. These are made in house by us we source the leather dye it, then laser engrave and cut it and finish it off with a nice stitching. These are double layer 3-4 mm per layer. We can...
  2. ro8775nv

    Hoodies and Sweaters

    We have some bad ass hoodies and sweaters and plan to add more. These are all printed and or Embroidered right here at Battle Born Clothing in Fallon, Nevada. We use premium blanks on all of our products. We are a full service Print, Laser Engraving and Embroidery shop so we can handle your...
  3. ro8775nv

    Toyota and Land cruiser Hats

    We make all these hats in house using premium Blanks. If you need a custom order give us a shout. Shop Toyota Hats
  4. ro8775nv

    TRD/ TuRD Landcruiser 80 Decals

    Made A TRD Decal For my 80 and the guys on the Facebook groups loved them so we are in full production. We can do custom as well PM me to get something started. FJ80 TRD Decals Also Check out the Mason Jars we are etching. 4WD Etched Mason Jars
  5. ro8775nv

    Hey Guys new small business here offering Toyota Themed Clothing.

    Hey Guys glad to be here. as an avid Toyota fan owning A FZj80 Land Cruiser myself and planning on picking up a 100 series soon I started printing shirts for myself and it has grown to others wanting them so here we are. We have several styles available from classic bright thick prints to that...
  6. ro8775nv

    Toyota/Land cruiser Tees From

    Hey guys I am the Manager at Battle Born Clothing Based in Fallon,Nevada home of Top Gun, I made a few of these for myself and they seem to be quite popular on the facebook groups so figured I would toss them up here. All of our merch is 100% made in house we have all the screen printing...
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