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  1. ratpin

    Individual body mounts available?

    Im planning on installing a new sil panel soon. Ill need to replace the four rear body mounts while I’m at it. Are there any vendors that sell these individually so I dont have to buy an entire mount kit?
  2. ratpin

    Source for these gaskets?

    Im looking for the gaskets that are circled in red in the picture. I’m wanting to repaint my dust shields while Im doing my rotors and I cant seem to find a source to buy these outside of the whole seal kit. My hubs were gone through and rebuilt/sealed by the previous owner so I dont really want...
  3. ratpin

    Wiper linkage part for my ‘77

    Im in need of the threaded brass shaft for the drivers side wiper linkage. Mine seems like it had been loose for awhile and was completely wallered out. Does anyone know if this is available somewhere?
  4. ratpin

    Wanted  Fj40 high beam indicator lense fj40

    I know its probably a long shot, but anyone have one laying around? Mine crumbled upon taking it out to clean.
  5. ratpin

    Budget build: reuse or replace?

    Putting new bushings on the rear of the 40. shackle pins are pretty pitted. What do you guys think, mandatory replacement? Trying to limit spending where it makes sense and dont want lifted shackles.
  6. ratpin

    Gauge cluster question

    Im piecing together a gauge cluster for my 77 and trying to figure out where a couple wires go and where exactly they hook up to. The wires circled below appear to go into the slot near the speedo bung, but where do they hook up to once inside that slot? Thanks
  7. ratpin

    How rare is this?

    How rare is a 1965 factory soft top FJ40 with rear tailgate? Asking for a fiend 🎃
  8. ratpin

    Any other 2nd gen RCSB tundras here?

    Still one of the coolest pickups ever made IMO. Mines a 2008 and I just hit 90k.
  9. ratpin

    Two different length u-bolts on rear

    My rear axle had different length u-bolts on each side. Weird. one was borderline too short while the other sides nuts were bottoming out. Ill try to find some that are in between these two I guess.
  10. ratpin

    1977 fj40 wire ID (engine compartment)

    This is on the drivers side near the washer fluid resevoir. Two green plugs and a single black wire. This truck has a 350 engine. Any ideas and should I keep them.
  11. ratpin

    Mid tub mount cancer, opinions?

    Now I know many will be urged to say cut out all the rust and replace with virgin metal, but that is not an option here as this is going to be a short term (winter) project. I picked this truck for the original freeborn survivor paint and I embrace most that comes with it, unfortunately I cant...
  12. ratpin

    Wanted  WTB Original guage cluster to fit my 1977 fj40 (mph)

    Rather than deal with this cluster-F that came in my fj40, I would like to replace with an original one. Does anybody have one laying around? my cluster
  13. ratpin

    Wanted  WTB radio delete plate for ‘77 fj40

    Does anyone have a good shape plate laying around?
  14. ratpin

    Anybody know what these screws are for?

    These are found on the drivers side tub of my 1977 fj40, but I dont see any function for them being there.
  15. ratpin

    Can you recommend a good “non-lift” rear shackle kit?

    I removed the rear leafs today to replace some rotted bushings and found my rear shackle pins to be pretty pitted. Does anyone know of a good upgrade rear shackle kit with bushings that wont raise the ride height (Non-lift)? Thanks. heres a couple pictures because everyone loves pics. Jack...
  16. ratpin

    Wanted  WTB fasten belt/ brake indicator panel for my 77

    I’m Looking for this interior panel for my FJ40. Mine was not with the truck when I got it. I do not need the wiring harness and bulb socket plugs. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  17. ratpin

    Rear light harness help

    So when I got my fj40 a previous owner had installed some trailer lights as tailights. These lights used the same signal wire for turn signal and brakes. Im switching to oem ‘77 lights and am trying to figure out how to wire the signal and brake lights to operate independently. This truck also...
  18. ratpin

    Wanted  Oem seat bolt for ‘77 landcruiser

    Im missing one of the seat mounting bolts on my landcruiser. Does anyone have a spare laying around. The one I need is pictured, thanks.
  19. ratpin

    Gas tank hoses

    My 77 Fj40 fuel tank has two ports on the drivers side one is on the bottom of the tank and one is in the side pointing straight at the driver. Stupid question but where do eack of these get routed too? I have searched but yet to find a clear diagram. This truck had an auxilliary tank which was...
  20. ratpin

    Rear bump stops same as front? 1977 FJ40

    My truck is missing both the rear axle rubber bump stops. I only see front bump stop part numbers listed on ebay. Are the front and rear bump stops the same parts? Thanks
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