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  1. garrett goodwin

    3FE ECU Wiring

    So I am working on putting a 89/90 3FE into my 82 60 and i was labeling the portion of the eco with the most pins. On the bottom row, if it was plugged in, I have wires where it states I should not have any. Can someone help me out on this? Attached are photos of what I have and what I am using...
  2. garrett goodwin

    3FE Harness into 60

    I am in the middle of installing an 89/90 3FE into my 82 60. I have the motor installed and am starting the daunting task of dealing with the wiring harness. I have an entire 3FE harness but am contemplating on just removing the cowl harness that connects into the ECU from the 3FE and just...
  3. garrett goodwin

    Wanted  3FE Alternator bracket and bolts

    I am in need of the bracket to hold the top end of the alternator and all of the associated hardware. Let me know if you have one laying around
  4. garrett goodwin

    Wiring help

    I am in the process of putting the 3FE into my 82 land cruiser. The wiring harness that I have was cut in two places. The first is at the plug right behind the fuse box that runs to the back of the rig and also cut right at the back of the rear door on the drivers side. I was trying to find an...
  5. garrett goodwin

    Spline counts for 60

    I am looking at buying a locker off of FB market place and I was wondering what spline count the front and rears are? I have found 27 and 30 but don't know which one it would be. Also does anyone have any info on Spartan lockers?
  6. garrett goodwin

    power steering relocation

    I finally got my 3FE set into my 82 60. I have searched forums after forums trying to find how people have moved or relocated their power steering pumps since it is on the wrong side now. Is there a mount that someone makes to make the relocation easier or do most people just run longer lines...
  7. garrett goodwin

    For Sale  9091301021 flywheel bolts

    I purchased 6 fly wheel bolts for a 91 3FE crank flywheel but they were the wrong size that I needed for my 89 crank. Selling all 6 for 20 bucks with shipping included. They are a size 12 Bolt.
  8. garrett goodwin

    Pilot bearing

    Does anyone know if the pilot bearing is different on the 3FE than the 2F? I'm doing an engine swap and dont have the pilot bearing for either motor. I am retaining the stock 4 speed with the 3FE conversion. Just wanting to make sure I get the correct bearing.
  9. garrett goodwin

    3FE flywheel bolts

    I am working on doing a 3FE swap into my 62 and I was about to install the flywheel when I noticed that the bolts I had from the 2F were not the right size for the ones in the 3FE. I have read multiple forums about how they are a size 11 but I cannot find anywhere that carries them in that size...
  10. garrett goodwin

    For Sale  88/89 Auto Trans

    I have an Automatic Trans off of an 88/89 FJ60. I dont know much about it but it has less than 100K miles on it and was pulled from a wrecked cruiser. Don't know what its really worth so make me an offer. Am able to ship easily.
  11. garrett goodwin

    electric water pump?

    Does anyone know if there is an electric water pump made for the 3FE motor?
  12. garrett goodwin

    Carb to EFI gas tank

    I am working on putting a 3FE into my 62 FJ60 and was wondering if there is something special I need to do with the gas tank. I know EFI takes more Psi so do I just need an electronic fuel pump or is there more? This is my first engine swap in any vehicle so I am trying to do everything right...
  13. garrett goodwin

    Wiring help

    I just recently have started putting my 3FE back together to replace the 2F in my 62. The wiring that came with the motor has been cut into 2 pieces and I need to get them back together. The part that I believe I am going to have trouble with is figuring out what wires go where since this is a...
  14. garrett goodwin

    Clutch flywheel bolts

    Looking for the size of bolt for the clutch flywheel on an 82 fj60. Thanks
  15. garrett goodwin

    Clutch flywheel bolts

    Looking for the size of bolt for the clutch flywheel on an 82 fj60. Thanks!
  16. garrett goodwin

    For Sale  3FE auto Trans

    I bought an 82 land cruiser with a blown head and it came with a new 3FE motor and auto trans. Is there anyone out there looking for an Auto Trans? I can try and get model number if there were any differences. dI believe it was out of an 86 land cruiser.
  17. garrett goodwin

    Fender Flares

    I've done some researching but cannot seem to find somewhere that sells fender flares. Does anyone have a good website or point of contact where I could order a set?
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