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    Wanted  EGR Inlet 81-87 2F

    Hi, I'm in need of an EGR Inlet for a 81-87 2F engine. Must include the EGR nut also. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
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    First FJ40: Welcome to Project Neglected

    Hello Cruiser Fanatics! I'd like to introduce my first FJ40 which I acquired roughly a year ago. I mostly browse the 100 and 80 forums, but I figured it's time to put some time and money into my FJ40. I've dubbed this FJ40 projected neglected since I have no idea what the previous owners were...
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    Wanted  WTB: 80 Series Front or Rear Bumper (arb, ironman, slee, 4x4labs, etc.)

    Looking for an aftermarket Front or Rear bumper for a 97 LC. Arb, Slee, 4x4 labs, etc. Preferably in the DFW area where we can meet up. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
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    Rebuild or HG only?

    Hi All, I recently bought a 97 LC with over 300K miles. When I saw the listing the price was extremely low so I knew there had to be something wrong with the vehicle. Once I inspected it, I saw it had triple lockers, so I figured it was worth the risk. The previous owner was only able to run...
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    Wanted  80 Series - Driver's Side Complete Door / Lift Gate

    Hi, Looking for a complete Driver's Side Door for a 97 LC (no rust). The door needs to be in the 2AB color code (silver/blue). I believe this color code was only available from 95-97. Also looking for a complete w/glass rear lift gate (upper back door) part number is 67005-60800. This one can...
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    Where's this leak coming from?

    I have a leak that appears to be coming from the power steering pump. The only issue is that it is oil that's coming from that area. I did replace my power steering hoses a few weeks ago with standard 5/8 and 3/8 hoses and I've had no problems so far. The liquid appears to be new oil (since I...
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    Valve cover bolt broken

    Driver's side valve cover, the last bolt toward the rear on the bottom side near the steering column broke off. I got maybe a 1/4 inch of thread sticking out. Vice grips haven't worked since the spot is extremely tight. All the other bolts came off extremely easy and it had to be the one in the...
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    Question for those who have installed OEM shocks

    I just finished installing new OEM shocks on my 01 LC. The front shocks came "compressed" in the packaging so I had to twist them so they would start expanding. The rear shocks on the other hand came expanded in the packaging. I think? I was able to install the driver's side rear pretty...
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    craigslist  96 LC DFW (not mine) fishy?

    Hi Everyone, Saw this on CL yesterday and looks very good. Almost too good. Listing currently shows odometer at 110183 but I pulled up a free carfax report and it states several services done over the past few years in TX and OK but the last recorded mileage was 248,277 on 12/30/2014. If...
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    Cabin Air filter Retrofit problem

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    Anyone try this oil filter yet?

    Picked up a M1-209 that's been recommended here in this site. On my way back home I stopped by Walmart and saw these filters on the shelves. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Oil Filters | Mobil™ Motor Oils Anyone use the M1-209A filter yet?
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    Transmission Fluid Question

    Hi Guys, Been reading on the forum about which transmission fluid to use and just needed some clarification before I perform a quick drain and refill on my 2001 LC. According to this TSB - This is the type of Transmission Fluid I should be...
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    Need advice on Tie Rod Tool

    Hello all, I need to replace my inner and outer tie rod ends and was wondering if this is the tool that can help with the removal? Cal-Van Tools 946 Low Profile Inner Tie Rod Tool: Automotive I tried renting one from Autozone but unfortunately the one they gave me was too small...
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    Driver's side mirror wobble

    Any one got a fix for a wobbly driver's side rear mirror? I believe the 80series has a way to fix it without having to buy a replacement. Is there a fix for the 100 series?
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    How are moog steering components?

    Need to replace my inner and outer tie rods on my 01 LC and was wondering how the moog components are? No major offroading my LC is mostly a DD. I can get all the components on amazon for cheaper than 1 OEM inner tie rod which go for around $180 new. Any suggestions?
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    Is this timing belt kit recommended?

    If I were to try and do the job myself (which I probably won't) would this be the kit to buy? Just wondering why some auto shops quote really high "parts" prices during their timing belt service. Any thoughts? Is there anything other parts that I'm missing?
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    Timing belt job in DFW?

    Anyone here know the best place to get a timing belt service done in the dallas fort worth area? Who has the best prices and is trust worthy to do the job right the first time?
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    Saying hello! New cruiser problem and questions...

    Hello everyone, I recently picked up a 2001 LC at a great price and I'm overall excited to finally have it. It seems the previous owners neglected the vehicle a bit and I'm overall interested in what I should be replacing and/or looking out for. Which leads to my experience yesterday... I...
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