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  1. ruger280

    Electrical Questions 03 GX470

    Thanks, exactly the solution to my problem!
  2. ruger280

    SOLD FJ40 78 Headrests Grey

    sold, thanks for looking
  3. ruger280

    SOLD  FJ40 78 Headrests Grey

    1978 headrests in good shape. no cracks or tears. Thinning out the leftovers. $175 shipped in the continental US
  4. ruger280

    SOLD  Metaltech tube doors with hinges attached SE Pa... Reading area

    Metaltech tube doors with hinges, ready to go. paint scratches, but no rust. $300 shipped, $225 picked up
  5. ruger280

    64 FJ45L Craigslist near me... eastern Pa.

    I don't want to go look.... too tempting
  6. ruger280

    64 FJ45L Craigslist near me... eastern Pa.

  7. ruger280

    64 FJ45L Craigslist near me... eastern Pa.

    Up for restoration a 1964 Land Cruiser pickup FJ45L long bed , rare to find one . Call or text for more info and price : 6104625717 .
  8. ruger280

    Parting Out FJ40 Barndoors in Pa.

    many... what are your needs?
  9. ruger280

    Parting Out FJ40 Barndoors in Pa.

    price dropped
  10. ruger280

    Parting Out  FJ40 Barndoors in Pa.

    late 60's barn doors with what looks like original paint. Minimal rust on bottoms. all hardware included... hinges, latches, and license plate bracket and light $350 shipped in the continental lower 48 states
  11. ruger280

    Parting out 2000LX 470 Denver,CO. 60K miles.

    fuel pump control? part # 89570 in left rear 1/4 panel in front of tail light
  12. ruger280

    Parting Out 99 fj 100 mild part out

    is the fuel pump control / relay available? part # 89570 ... in rear left 1/4 panel behind tail light
  13. ruger280

    Parting Out 2000 100 Series Eastern NM

    Is the fuel pump control / relay in the left rear 1/4 panel still available? part #89570
  14. ruger280

    For Sale CVT Mt. Rainer RTT w/annex - Central PA

    did you ever sell the RTT?
  15. ruger280

    For Sale  bantam M100 in SE.Pa. $1000

    bantam clear title, 2" hitch in Pennsylvania .Tows well, ready to become an expedition trailer. Would consider a RTT in trade.
  16. bantam


  17. ruger280

    Parting Out Gray/Tan 1999 UZJ100 in Texas

    I'd be interested in the gas filler lines from the tank to the fender, and the trailer hitch 7 prong wiring harness and plug, also the power steering lines in the front... metal line and rubber. shipped to 19533, Pennsylvania thanks
  18. ruger280

    Parting Out 98 100 series Cruiser N Fla 32659

    did you figure anything out with regard to the gas filler lines?
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