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    H55f thud sound in third gear

    So few weeks ago, I noticed a sound while in third which resembled a "ring spinning around a metal bar", at least that is how I describe the sound. Obviously, any odd sound isn't good but I haven't had time to really inspect it. This sound has lessened, or not nearly as noticeable, but now when...
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    Voltmeter bouncing while turn signal on

    This has been on my list of things to fix but a low priority item. As I am nearing it on my list, I wanted to get some advice from y'all. Might this be a failing alternator or faulty wiring causing the voltmeter to bounce like this when using the turn signal?
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    Can't win with error codes

    so I was driving back from a friend's house when my check engine light came on. Just great I'm thinking as I'm bout to go in to get it smogged. Checking the codes, I get the following; 25 - Mixture control -continuously lean 26 - Mixture control -continuously rich 43 - Starter...
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    Where to buy the tensioner block?

    So I am going through my rig, replacing water pump and a lot of cleaning up. During this process I noticed that my alternator tensioner 'block' was stripped. I've looked at couple places and haven't found a replacement. Any one know where I can buy a replacement?
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    62 smog pump thread broke

    recently I had to replace my alternator and noticed the smog pump was missing a brace. Ordered the bracket to only notice the pump thread was broken. For better visual, here is the bracket on the pump. Clearly there are no threads to bolt it down. I drove this from Sacramento to San Diego and...
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    For Sale  WTB replacement rocker switch

    Purchased my FJ62 and it had a busted rocker switch. This looks to be from a Toyota but unsure from what. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks in advance
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    Working through issues

    So a while back, I bought my FJ62 and have been working through issues. So when I was driving it back from Sacramento to San Diego, I got an engine warning light about 1/3 of the way home. I read this as code 11, but I buddy said it was 22. I was exhausted and agreed on code 22. So focused...
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    RTV overload?

    I recently purchased an FJ62 and as I dig into it further, I am noticing a few things which give me pause. One of these are is the transfer case. This wasn't something which I caught when I originally bought it, so that's on me. As I see the amount of RTV squeezed outside the case, I'm worried...
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