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  1. oledirthead

    For Sale [Albany NY] Random FJ60 parts

    when time allows....pls pm price on both- shpp'd to my 13433 NY zip ? 2 New brake rotors K&N air filter
  2. oledirthead

    Rear Quarter Panel Patch

    Nope - I ended up excising my rot & am doing the wrap around rear bumper trick- to blend area of quarter that’s been removed.
  3. oledirthead

    For Sale  N.Y. - 60/62 rear right door

    Selling rust free 87 fj60 right rear door - complete & ready to bolt on. Good glass , latch & grey card , even has hinges ! $250 or swap for left rear 60/62 door complete & nice shape.
  4. oledirthead

    For Sale Northern NY - Fj60 rear pass door

    Few pics of fully functional - rust free 85 door -
  5. oledirthead

    For Sale  Northern NY - Fj60 rear pass door

    Complete right rear door - nice shape $250. or swap for as nice...complete left rear - red would be sweet ! Located 60 mi. north east of Syr. near Adks
  6. oledirthead

    Wanted  88-92 Xtracab 4x4 auto in NorthEast...

    Looking to snag late 80s- early 90s Xtracab, auto 4x4 with low miles & NO RUST ! Prefer original 22RE motor in solid shape , no need for a/c or wild sound system. This will be my retirement gift to me ! Thanks for pics too -
  7. oledirthead

    Parting Out Virginia, finishing partout of 2 1985s fj60s.

    whats availability for rear left side door...need basically rust-free ? Pls pm info/price - thanks
  8. oledirthead

    Parting Out Parting out a 84 Red FJ60 with Brown Interior, Runs & Drives in New Jersey

    Matt- if that RED (left side) rear passenger door is still available & basically rust-free...pls pm with pricing- thanks
  9. oledirthead

    For Sale  Upstate NY - FJ 60/62 complete rear right door

    Silver gray rear right side door, very solid & complete with gray cloth interior, all glass & hardware incld’g hinges. Asking $275 or swap for good left side rear door... prefer Red
  10. oledirthead

    SOLD 1988 FJ 62 Orignal Excellent condition E TN

    What’s price ??
  11. oledirthead

    For Sale Upstate N.Y. -1986 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible

    Bump’d to lower price ...$4800. Will consider solid mini truck/Tacoma as trades too. Prefer v6 & auto xtra cab style
  12. oledirthead

    For Sale  Upstate N.Y. -1986 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible

    Texas born & raised Mustang LX convertible with orig adult owner for 32 yrs, i'm second owner & used during NY summer months only. Orig. matched ser. #'s with 5.0 liter h/o V-8, 3 sp. auto on floor with o/d. 120k orig. miles, with newer radiator ,brakes, tires, exhaust system & rack pinion...
  13. oledirthead

    Parting Out Phoenix: FJ60 part out

    Sent text....
  14. oledirthead

    Parting Out CLARKS-summit Pa 1987 fj60 part out

    Sent u pm for that other (left) rear door - pls let me know - thanks again !
  15. oledirthead

    SOLD Alaska: 87 FJ60

    and asking price is ......?
  16. oledirthead

    For Sale Kitchener, ON CANADA

    Yeah would love to say 1st Dibbs but...any particular asking price ? Also will appreciate seeing underside pics- does this 62 have any prior ownership stateside ? Thanks more info 👍
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