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  1. keith88250

    craigslist  ADA, OK FJ55 **NO AFFLIATION** $4,750... Ad says: I'm selling my RARE head turning1977 FJ55 toyota landcruiser 4x4, daily driver around town and homedepot runs, runs and drives, 4x4 works, 4-speed tranny, good condition compared...
  2. keith88250

    craigslist  Los Angeles: 1969 Nissan Patrol

    No affiliation: Ad says $15,000
  3. keith88250

    craigslist  1970 FJ40 Project on Craigslist - No affiliation; Denver area

    Looks like this could potentially make a good project; price is $750, looks like the parts alone would add up to at least that much Ad says: 1970 Toyota FJ40 chassis Frame appears to be straight good axles...
  4. keith88250

    For Sale  I need help on pricing please: 1985 Toyota

    1985 Toyota SR5 (last year with solid front axle) 4WD truck; standard bed, standerd cab 22RE (EFI engine) seller is asking $7,000 USD Hi, I am speaking with an original owner 1985 Toyota SR5, standard bed, standard cab has the original spare tire, never been used, tool roll, jack all never been...
  5. keith88250

    craigslist  1969 FJ40 for sale in Minnesota; no affliation

    Price listed is $17,000 (unrealistic): no affiliation but I think this one might have potential as a patina restore if someone bought it who knows how to weld. I spoke to the seller, he was not sure on pricing as he is trying to sell it for a relative. He indicated there may be room for price...
  6. keith88250

    craigslist  Sherwood, Oregon FJ55 for sale on craigslist, this one looks really good No affliation, this one just went up in the last hour, looks like a really good price with patina project potential for sure... Ad says: 1970 Toyota FJ55 Land cruiser 4wd land beast. It’s in fairy...
  7. keith88250

    craigslist  1984 BJ42 for sale - no affiliation From listing: Rare 1984 Toyota Diesel Land Cruiser, BJ42. Complete with original factory power steering, five speed transmission, Toyota PTO winch,3B engine, original tool bag and tools, jack and...
  8. keith88250

    For Sale  1978 FJ40 - Seattle area no affiliation Price says 26,000 which seems optimistic to me but engine bay looks 100% stock and maybe original paint other than the hood? looks like 854 sky blue I messaged the seller but no response yet
  9. keith88250

    craigslist  1971 FJ55 no affliation

    on craig's list looks like a lot of mods but 10,500 ob a good starting point?
  10. keith88250

    craigslist  1984 FJ60 - no affiliation looks good for $8,500? Ad says: Clean title 286k miles Has some rust, the picture is the worst of it 4 speed manual 4x4 New Falken MTs Runs great No leaks Pink in hand Current tags Asking $8500 obo
  11. keith88250

    craigslist  1979 Seattle fj40 for sale

    No affiliation: Price is 17,500 firm A lot of parts included Looks like full de-smog but maybe a good base to build from? Opinions?
  12. keith88250

    1978 FJ40 OEM seats and rear OEM floor mat

    Hi, looking for some help on two questions. Does this photo look like the OEM rear floor mat for a 1978 FJ40 (I think it looks OEM OR so close to OEM that maybe it shouldn't matter to me...) Also, same vehicle, any opinion on if these are the original seats? A couple thoughts, for this year and...
  13. keith88250

    Emissions question

    Hi, I am looking at a 1981 FJ40 to potentially buy but am turned off by all the emissions under the hood. From what model year did the US spec vehicles start having such a complicated mess of hoses. What model year should I look at if I want a very simple set up under the hood. Thanks in advance...
  14. keith88250

    2F engine compression

    I posted this on an existing thread but also posting here to get more eyes on the question: Hi, I am looking at a 1981 FJ40 with the original 2F engine. Seller bought it one year ago and is looking to sell it after doing some work on it both cosmetic and mechanical. He recently did a valve...
  15. keith88250

    For Sale  Tokyo, Japan FJ55 not sure on the model year

    hi, no affiliation but thought interesting and ironic, here in Tokyo this dealer has a US model FJ55 for sale, approximate price is $37k. I found it ironic this vehicle was made in Japan, shipped to the US, and then imported back to here in Japan at some point. Ad does not say the model year...
  16. keith88250

    Want to buy a US model 1976 - 1983 FJ40; looking for running condition, original paint

    Hi, I am looking to buy an FJ40, original paint or proof of body repair done with proper methods ie no body filler / bondo Original 2F engine and drive train, not looking for a v8 conversion 100% stock would be perfect but willing to consider all. 1976 - 1983 model years, US LC's only, no SA or...
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