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  1. Tinker


    Both running boards and fasteners removed from a new 2016 4Runner Trail with six (6!) miles at the dealer. Toyota PN 51771-35200 & 51772-35200. Will deliver to metro Denver or Colorado Springs for $300 or pick up in Larkspur for $250. Will ship for cost of freight + packaging. Best to email...
  2. Tinker

    For Sale  (5) Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 265/70R17 113S TAKEOFFS, LARKSPUR, CO, USA

    The above are from a new 2016 4Runner Trail and have 6 (six!) miles on 4, and 0 on the spare. $400 picked up in Larkspur, PayPal in advance (13-yr Mud member). Best to email 303 681-1101 cell/text
  3. Tinker

    For Sale OEM Lexus GX470 wheels (5) with 265/65-17 Tires - Los Angeles

    Interested in the wheels depending on offset & pic (can't place 'em). Would go on my 84 FJ60 (have 1" spacers). Best to email me
  4. Tinker

    For Sale FJ60 H41 4spd transmission/transfer case

    Still have it? Email me either way TX!
  5. Tinker

    For Sale 1985 2F with 4speed and transfer case

    How about gauge cluster (W/O gauges) & HVAC bezel? Best to email me
  6. Tinker

    For Sale Fj60 parts Colo Springs

    Still interested in the gauge cluster if it's from a brown dash. Please email me at steve@!
  7. Tinker

    For Sale Fj60 parts Colo Springs

    Interested in gauge cluster but leaving town until next Wednesday. Email me: (Larkspur)
  8. Tinker

    Window Regulator

    There was a rubber-like gasket called "packing tape" that held the glass by pressure fit. It comes in various thicknesses (available at auto glass shops), and sometimes you have to double up. Fit is by trial and error, and if you get it pretty tight you can use WD40 on the packing tape to soften...
  9. Tinker

    For Sale fj62 trans hump cover great for manual to auto swapswap

    I'll take it! Any idea of shipping cost to 80118?
  10. Tinker

    crazy MPG

    The 2F won't get 19 mpg downhill with a tail wind. Your odo could be off. Could probably check it with a GPS (real one, not a cell phone) that will record a track. Do that on a long trip and you'll find your answer.
  11. Tinker

    Having trouble with the window trimming for a FJ62

    Make new holes in the door. Prime them (& the old ones) with something rustproof like POR15.
  12. Tinker

    Having trouble with the window trimming for a FJ62

    This is obvious but will the tabs slide? I've changed a lot of these side glasses but never the horizontal weatherstrips.
  13. Tinker

    1994 Doors, Back hatch and cloth seats

    How about specs & pix of the wheels?
  14. Tinker

    For Sale 1987 FJ60 Parts for sale

    Interested in rear heater - email me (I'm in Larkspur)
  15. Tinker

    Reusing chrome window gasket lock strip

    Lucky - enjoy!
  16. Tinker

    Reusing chrome window gasket lock strip

    The reason Beno's windshield and back glass didn't leak is the gaskets had already taken their final set and were stuck to the paint and glass (just like my back glass). So you only need the lock strips for the 1st 20 years or so... The historically proper way to seal a rubber gasket set is...
  17. Tinker

    Reusing chrome window gasket lock strip

    Rubber Gasket Technology: Lock Strip is appropriately named. If you're removing the glass, you'll need a new lock strip if the old one won't cooperate (and they rarely do after 30 years). That's if you don't screw up the gasket. And you don't need sealer in most cases: the gasket & glass will...
  18. Tinker

    Reusing chrome window gasket lock strip

    Hey Spook! Just got tired of battling my Audi & decided to look in a friendlier spot & there you were! The black lock strip is from an old Dodge pickup windshield (when they 1st came out with the Cummins) which was a DW914 IIRC. Google to see when they made that truck then call your local auto...
  19. Tinker

    T-Case E-Brake

    Hi guys, Just jumping back in preparing for the yet undone axle/brake/suspension upgrade on the '84. I was the guinea pig for TSM's Tcase ebrake a few years ago & tested the hill holding ability on my '84 (5.7+4L60E) vs. my stock '83 (rear brakes in good condition): TSM's Tcase ebrake clearly...
  20. Tinker

    New Quality Windshield Sources?

    Once I learned how much of a PITA the chrome lock strip was I'd tell customers that I couldn't order the gasket that used it, just the all-black one with the built-in lockstrip. Of course, they were available, I just couldn't bring myself to order 'em.
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