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  1. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1984 Desmogged FJ60 2F Motor and Trans

    Hi Fox, I understand this was sold, but in the event that you still have the carb, I'd like one... Mike carb rebuilt, ....
  2. Ohanlon

    For Sale FZJ75 1998 Troopy in Dom. Rep.

    This Troopy is now SOLD... Does actually have heat, for all you who have academic interest in that...
  3. Ohanlon

    For Sale OEM FJ60 / FJ62 Tail Light Lens w/new gaskets

    THis post was a long time ago... you don't have those lenses, (or some similar) anymore, do you?
  4. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1985 Red FJ60 NC $3500

    Yes sir! How can I help you?
  5. Ohanlon

    For Sale  1985 Red FJ60 NC $3500

    Where else can you get an FJ60 in NC for $3500? I planned to renovate this, and would do it, but I have one too many non-running vehicles, and not enough time ... The good: 164 K miles Good (though old--don't leak and look OK) tires, decent interior, little rust. Great roof rack, giant jack...
  6. Ohanlon

    For Sale  FZJ75 1998 Troopy in Dom. Rep.

    This Troopy is beautifully unattainable in the USA til 2023, but for sale in Dominican Republic -- $25K US. The troopy (we called it "Gandalf") is in Santiago, DR. We are presently in NC, USA. will be in DR from Feb. 28 to March 18. I love this truck, would not sell it if we still lived in...
  7. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1983 FJ60 111k miles $6K

    Dear Akbar, This looks like a nice ride! You did not mention the title... clean title in hand? I'd also like to know if this has sold, and if not, see more pics of underbody, mentioned rust, a clearer shot of the dinged panel (from the pass. side), and a good series from the interior to show...
  8. Ohanlon

    For Sale Feeler: Canadians, 15yr or older 70's?

    I'm sorry, I don't understand if you actually have one of these jeeps, or are just thinking about importing one and selling it?
  9. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1988 BJ75 Custom Camper

  10. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    Thank you! THat's an exTREMEly complete answer... and shows me that I'm totally outta luck. Thank you for your time and effort... Hopefully this law will change in the next 2 months! :-) Mike
  11. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    ... does it avoid the EPA AND DOT regs?
  12. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    I don't wanna pester you ta death, but I do wanna express appreciation for your location: People's Republik of Cambridge! Also, I AM a resident of the Dominican Rep. (not a citizen) and we WILL be taking more trips back here (we are in DR now) ...soooo, do you think it is possible for me to use...
  13. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    You also mention importing from CR, and getting one with HB-1 "visa"? What's that all about?
  14. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    A year? you can get a temp permit without going through EPA and DOT Regs?
  15. Ohanlon

    How to find a newer 70 and import to NC?

    I live in NC also (we are moving back from Dominican Republic) We have a 1998 FZJ75, but I can't see any way of getting it over there through the barrage of EPA and DOT regs. If you end up finding a way, please tell me! Mike
  16. Ohanlon

    Comment by 'Ohanlon' in media 'Toyota Landcruiser 76 series with Dobinsons suspension 50mm'

    Do you have more info/photos on this cruiser? Where is the truck?
  17. Ohanlon

    For Sale 1988 BJ75 Custom Camper

    This truck looks pretty cool... do you have photos of the interior (both cab and camper) and more description?
  18. Ohanlon

    VIP RS3000--where's the ECU?

    Dear Friends at IH8, anyone know where the heck they put the ECU on the port/dealer installed VIP RS3000 security system in a 1998 FZJ75??? Mine is NOT under the driver's seat, it is NOT visible when the stereo head unit is out, it is NOT visible through the ashtray, and I did not see any sign...
  19. Ohanlon

    For Sale NY: 1994 fzj80 Grey leather middle row

    They look great, but they are exactly what we already have... I really only lack a driver's seat, gotta have something that fits in about a 21 or 22" wide space ... Thank you! Mike
  20. Ohanlon

    For Sale FREE Gray Leather Seats in Grand Junction

    Sorry, Jason, I'm just now seeing the date on this post... I assume these are gone, but please advise... I'd take whatever you still have
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