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  1. codylabrador

    Looking for a nice/new 1976-era FJ 40 Tub

    Been a long time since I posted but I'm now in a position to begin restoration of my 1976 FJ 40. I want to change out the rear body tub and have been looking through Google searches at sources. I thought I'd try Georgia Cruisers and ask you folks if you know of a local Atlanta source for a FJ...
  2. codylabrador

    For Sale 1977 FJ 55 Iron Pig Landcruiser Project

    The piggy (after a couple of trys) is sold. Thanks for the interest.
  3. codylabrador

    For Sale 1977 FJ 55 Iron Pig Landcruiser Project

    Just reduced the price to $850 on Craigslist and here. PM me.
  4. codylabrador

    For Sale 1977 FJ 55 Iron Pig Landcruiser Project

    Years - probably 5 or more. Covered part of the time and in the storage yard the rest of the time.
  5. codylabrador

    For Sale 1977 FJ 55 Iron Pig Landcruiser Project

    For sale is a 1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ55 Model Wagon. I purchased this Landcruiser in Tennessee about 10 years ago. The original 2F engine was smoking (I believe because of bad rings in the number 3 cylinder). We pulled the engine for a rebuild but never finished the job. The complete...
  6. codylabrador

    Carfax help for 1994 Toyota Winnebago Warrior?

    Hello - I am looking for a fellow board member to help me with running a carfax on a 1995 Toyota Pickup chassis with a Winnebago Body. It is showing only 25,000 miles and I want to verify the history and look for any accidents before moving forward with purchase discussions. The VIN is...
  7. codylabrador

    Wanted Wanted - 81-84 2F Head - Atlanta GA Area

    I have a 1976 FJ 40 that has been in pieces for about 5 years. The engine has been machined and partially rebuilt - bored .060 over. All I can find are flat pistons for the engine (I been searching for a set of domed pistons off-and-on for about a year). In researching this board it looks...
  8. codylabrador

    1997 LX 450 Near Atlanta 153K miles $8500

    Update - transfer in progress and the the LX is sold.
  9. codylabrador

    1997 LX 450 Near Atlanta 153K miles $8500

    For sale is my 1997 Lexus LX 450. It is white with a beige leather interior and has all the options for 1997, except lockers. The LX 450 is stock, never been off-road or modified. It has the sunroof, roof rack, air foil, third row seats, original floor mats and new Weather-Tech rubber mats. It...
  10. codylabrador

    Wanted FJZ80 Passenger Side Oak/Brown Interior Step Plate

    Thanks - I bought a step Thanks to all that responded - I found a step and purchased it.
  11. codylabrador

    Wanted Security "switch" for 1997 LX 450

    Bump - still need this security insert for the LX 450 Anyone else have a 1997 LX 450 that has this security sensor insert for sale?
  12. codylabrador

    Wanted FJZ80 Passenger Side Oak/Brown Interior Step Plate

    Joe - sorry - mail is cleared now. I need the flat step that mounts at the seat edge.
  13. codylabrador

    Wanted FJZ80 Passenger Side Oak/Brown Interior Step Plate

    Want to buy and nice passenger-side interior (rear seat) step. Need an oak/brown color version for my FJZ80 series. Thanks
  14. codylabrador

    Wanted Security "switch" for 1997 LX 450

    Still looking - had one PM but it was for a LC Still looking for this part. I had one response but it was for the Landcruiser version that mounts vertically on the left side of the steering wheel. This one mounts horizontally above the AC control panel in the same lineup as the hazard and...
  15. codylabrador

    Wanted Valley Trailer Hitch for 1997 LX 450

    Looking to buy a Valley model receiver trailer hitch for my 1997 LX 450. I currently have a DrawTite verson on the vehicle but want to swap it for the Valley model. Please PM me with details if you have one to sell. Thanks.
  16. codylabrador

    Wanted Security "switch" for 1997 LX 450

    I am looking for a black snap-in "switch" is located above the AC control unit on a 1997 Lexus LX 450. This "switch" holds the LED and black rubber sensor for the glass breakage security feature of the LX 450. I've tried the dealer and he cannot find this part - only the blank snap in plugs...
  17. codylabrador

    Wanted Want to Buy 1997 Lexus LX 450 or Land Cruiser - Atlanta area

    Private party looking for a nice, stock, non-modified 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 450 SUV. Interested in a black exterior but willing to look at all colors except white. A 40th Anniversary model would be perfect. Lockers or no lockers is OK. I am in the greater Atlanta, GA area...
  18. codylabrador

    Wanted 1997 Original, Stock 40th Anniversary 80 Service - Sage Green

    Wanted: A 1997 40th Anniversary Land Cruiser. Original, stock with sales and service documenation. Needs to have a clean Carfax and have a southern or western history (no rust, no body work,etc.). Factory lockers would be nice but not required. Willing to pay big bucks (and raid my 401K)...
  19. codylabrador

    Wanted WTB 1987 FJ 60, Prefer Stock and Original

    Private buyer looking for an original 1987 FJ 60 Land Cruiser. Prefer white, red or gray color with gray interior. Would like to find one with owner and service history (Carfax?), records, no rust or wrecks. Not interested in off-road modifications or repainted vehicles. I'm just...
  20. codylabrador

    Is Stinky killing SOCD with his tattoo chicks?

    This looks more like a traditional tatoo. I can understand this one but I admit I really like to see them in non-traditional places.
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