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  1. denis

    DIY part-time

    A couple of pics of my weekend project : I am hoping to solve the driveline slack and improve fuel economy at the same time, being about as cheap as it gets I decided I'd try the DIY way. :D I used the lockouts from an LJ70 which fit perfectly on my 1990 front axle with short birfield, and...
  2. denis


    any news ?
  3. denis

    for sale : 70 series altimeter/ clinometer

    I have two units that come with the hood and specific (RHD) upper dash padding. Both are grey. I would like 100€ a set + shipping ? I will add a couple pics later. I might have a LHD brown pad with the recess as well if I can find it in the middle of my pile :doh: thanks
  4. denis

    Wanted  WTB : the tallest 8" gearset you can find : 3.08 would be best :D

    Title says all. This is for my 2WD hilux roadrunner. I'm switching from the stock 4.10 to 3.73 but am looking for a fair bit taller still. thanks
  5. denis

    new shackle idea ?

    Good morning, I've been searching a lot, and could not find anything about the shackle pivot points relocated up into the frame on non-SR setups. Did I miss something or may this be a new idea ? This should drastically improve the approach and departure angles without sacrifying much flex. A...
  6. denis

    L series engines

    In some other thread I promised to take a couple pics showing the differences between 2L 2L-2 2L-T 2L-T-2 2L-TEengines. Here's what I have. From what I've seen so far the block is very similar, if not identical between early and late generation engines. The main difference is the cam activation...
  7. denis

    Wanted  W T B HP 4.30 R&p

    cheap please :flipoff2:
  8. denis

    doors and seats interchangeability Q?

    My question is : are the front doors interchangeable between a dualcab truck and a 4 runner of same generation (3rd gen. 1990+). Same question for front seats ? I bought myself a '96 hilux LN106 that needs some love, and am thinking about sourcing a TD 4runner donor for some body parts, a bit of...
  9. denis

    engine weight : HD-T ?

    Anyone has a precise idea how much a 1HD-T engine weighs ? I'm trying to find how good of a boat anchor it would make, in an amphibious cruiser :grinpimp: Thanks,
  10. denis

    2L+T conversion

    Today I almost finished converting the mighty 2L LJ70 with a turbo. Everything from the factory 2L-T bolts on the 2L. Both were pre-1990 engines in LJ70s. Here is the parts list in case anyone is interested : -exhaust manifold,gasket and bolts -manifold support bracket -oil cooler/filter...
  11. denis

    Wanted  WTB : wiper control relay

    flooded the cabin with 10" of muddy water :o ... I need a cubic style with 4 wires, 12V, wiper control relay Toyota P/N 85940-90K01 cheap would be cool :D thanks
  12. denis

    Wanted  W T B 8" 4.88 R&p

    Either a 4cyl or V6 aftermarket gearset will do, in good shape, Wenzel may not apply. :flipoff2: thanks, :beer:,
  13. denis

    wheelarches fix gone wild

    I intended to start the repair on my truck for the re-inspection (sharp angles wouldn't pass) and got a bit carried away with the screwdriver :eek: I thought while I'm at it let's do the job nicely, since this is my show/business truck :D The amazing thing is how perfect the roof is, and how...
  14. denis

    LJ70 for offroad rallying

    Since there is no "racing and competition" forum here *hint*, I thought this place was the most appropriate... :flipoff2: Here's a link about my friends project for entering the 2004 Berlin-Breslau offroad rally with his LJ70 cruiser... I thought some could be interested. The buildup progress...
  15. denis

    Paris-Dakar rally 120 series

    gotta make use of the new section, eh... check the naked pics of the new 120 series KDJ getting ready for the big rally :o :D
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