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  1. Reg Wang

    Which of these wheels would you install on your own LC200?

    a related question, my car is a 2011 LX570, factory tire/wheel spec 285/50-20. I wonder if a 275/55-20 would fit? or will have rubbing. Or, if 295/55-20? the 295/55 is close in diameter as factory, although a bit wider but i think there's room.
  2. Reg Wang

    2005 LX470 Mark Levinson stereo - NO SOUND

    This is not for a 100 series Mark Levinson but a 200, 2011 LX570, my truck has the Mark system, nice clear sound etc, but just not happy with the overal volume. My rule of thumb of overall output is to look at how far the dial go, when the turn knob reaches the upper limit, it goes up to like...
  3. Reg Wang

    Broken interior wood trim

    Thanks guys. CarID is usually the vendor who has this type of things. Security Check
  4. Reg Wang

    Broken interior wood trim

    2011LX, the fake wood (Yamaha piano so to speak), under heat has come unglued & when pressed back, it just broke. What’s the deal with re-appointing this type of interior trims?
  5. Reg Wang

    LX shifter hard to move

    Experienced this twice so far. Car is a 2011 LX, when it rains & sitting for a few days, the shifter is hard to click in place, had to yank to shift out of P into whatever & back to P. My mechanic explained & warned me if it keeps happening but I don’t think I get it. Thanks.
  6. Reg Wang

    How to remove centre dash "Oil Maintenance Required"

    I don't know if the center console Other, Maintenance calendar is linked to the steering wheel dash display, but just around the time of my manually set reminder, the dash showed "oil maintenance required". I cleared/deleted the calendars on the touch screen, but the little dash display is still...
  7. Reg Wang

    LC200 Sound System

    Thread re-resurrrection. The year is 2019. I have a 2011 LX, with Mark sound. I’ve always felt the “power” of the sound is not there, volume too low, clarity is great. So I turned it all the way to see what number it goes up to, it only hit just pass 60??? Most of my music sound. “Audible” at...
  8. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    So after playing with CDL & 4Lo system during the freezing days, the lights stayed off for a long interval, but as I’m writing this, they came on again. This time It’s different. The Check Engine blinks as opposed to stay on. 4Lo blinks too. Otherwise the same. The car feels more vibrating.
  9. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    The car is just too capable! Found some frozen ice/large puddle, but even doing nothing it’ll drive right cross! Anyway, turned CDL on and off and drove across the ice a few times
  10. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    and 5) played with crawl control, again, reads VSC off
  11. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    Thanks very much! So, I did, went to an open field, though all was frozen, there’s still lots of dry weed and gravel. I did these: 1) comes to stop, foot on brake but stay in D, pressed CDL, the light came on two seconds later, but followed by a center screen “VSC off”, foot off the brake and...
  12. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    I had to give it a laugh. They didn’t know that I sprayed FF all over, so I was surprised to hear they think only the steer and one shock was leaking, EVERYTHING should be leaking lol. Plus, wouldn’t they be able to verify if fluids are leaking by checking their reservoirs?? Basically, the...
  13. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    Thanks VooDoo! Honestly I have never played with the center diff lock yet. Anyway, I couldn’t wait so took the car to Lexus. They scanned and looked around, and they did and said these: 1)updated some transmission software 2) cleared the codes 3) see my power steering fluid was leaking 4) see...
  14. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    Well, after getting the car back from mechanic and cleared the codes, drove around for 4 days no problem, until today on the highway at 1 degree, on came the lights again. I played around on icy parking lot with the crawl control just to get to use 4Lo. Lights came on shortly after that...
  15. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    VooDoo, thanks! So, mechanics had the car for a couple of days, drive around but nothing was wrong, cleared warning once again. I need the car so I got it back. The potential approach to diagnose would be numerous and he thinks it’s not worth it to go crazy taking things apart, especially if...
  16. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    After the first visit to the shop and cleared the codes, today they came on again, scanned, same “torque converter solenoid...stuck off”. Will get it looked at on Monday morning (my technician has been on vacation). Cleared codes again. Now, I don’t know how the car is supposed to feel at a...
  17. Reg Wang

    All kinds of malfunctions

    At the shop this morning due to the VSC system, 4Lo, Check engine and traction lights all came on suddenly. 2011 LX570, 85000 miles. Drives fine. Scanned and showed all kinds of Faults (torque converter, air conditioning, steering angle sensor, main body???). How can it be, everything works fine.
  18. Reg Wang

    SQOD Squad - Stupid Question Of the Day

    Here's my stupid question today: hill start assist, if it's what that's called. So, I live on a hill, and the first thing in the morning after backing out of my driveway is I'd head uphill to leave by street. Now, the 2011 LX570 most of the time rolls backwards downhill until I give gas. First...
  19. Reg Wang

    Watch this video, LC200 accident

    The "spotter" was literally yelling: steer, steer!
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