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  1. adamgunn

    4x4 labs rear bumper removal of swing outs

    Could not find anything on this but if some knows of a thread containing this information please link for me. I am looking to purchase a 4x4 labs rear bumper with double swing outs (spare tire & jerry cans) and am curious how easy it is to remove the swing outs. Other than big trips I use my 80...
  2. adamgunn

    Zona the 80 - Build

    I've been a long time "creeper" on mud as I have been on the hunt for my first 80 series for years. It has taken awhile due to a combination of circumstances and finding the right one, but all the stars aligned and I got the perfect one for me. 1996 3x locked 214,xxx on the clock HG done by PO...
  3. adamgunn

    For Sale  2000 LX470 (No Affiliation)
  4. adamgunn

    South Florida cruiser shop recommendations

    Hey guys! I currently live near Ft. Lauderdale and am looking at a 80 series on the other Florida coast in Naples. Can anyone recommend a cruiser shop in Naples? and while we are on the subject, does anyone know a good shop near Ft. Lauderdale?
  5. adamgunn

    Wanted  93+ 80 Series, locked, under 200k near FL

    I look in the classifieds almost everyday, its been a dream of mine for years to own an 80 but never can find a good one one in my price range. In a perfect world I would love to have a locked 80 series (93+) very mechanically sound (I'm no mechanic), a few dents and scratches don't bother me...
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