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  1. MH_Stevens

    Need Part Number for Heater Hose T's

    For my 2007 Land Cruiser 100, 215K miles. In a thread here I was advised to avoid breakdown to replace my two heater hose T's. I bought two heater hose T's - Toyota description "PIPE, WATER" from TWO different dealers. They both sent me part number 87248-60460. Both T's are way too small. I...
  2. MH_Stevens

    Where is the 80's For Sale section?

    I'm in southern California and I need sell my 80 and I always thought there was a Classifies or a ForSale forum here. Am I missing it or has it gone away?
  3. MH_Stevens

    No Brake Bleed Sticky?

    Needing to bleed brakes. I have read every related thread and see many contradiction or differing advice like bleed order and whether to bleed a master cylinder and how?. Need procedure and order to bleed using a "one man" bottle and NOT any fancy resavoir pressurization system or Technoserve...
  4. MH_Stevens

    Hose and Belt Replacement

    My 2004 with 225K miles has the original hoses and belts save for the timing belt done at 95K. I am off on a 4K mile trip and so considered it time to change all hoses and belts out but on inspection they all look so good. Really don't have time for too much prophylactic work so is it prudent...
  5. MH_Stevens

    Maybe an ABS/Brake Powers Assist issue?

    2004 with 225K miles. INTERMITTENT (meaning 50% of the time symptoms not evident) pedal and steering wheel vibration, biting on braking. Usually gentle breaking like as using brakes to slow when going down grade. Feels the same as warped rotors but all rotors and pads and calipers are new...
  6. MH_Stevens

    Front Drive Boot Minor Grease Leaks OK?

    After 200,000 miles in the 2004 100-series the front drive boots show some grease leaks as shown in picture. Condition is very stable with no visible increased leaking and it looks normal to me but just checking. Now where is that grease coming from? IE how does it get replaced as I didn't see...
  7. MH_Stevens

    After Wipe-Out on Lippincott Building NEW Jeep Trailer

    Last month I trashed my rather flimsy trailer on the infamous Lippincott Mine Road so I'm building a more sturdy replacement. For $30, I got an old trailer with rotten bodywork and bad wheel bearings and rotten tires and a 2 5/15th inch ball tow bar rated 60,000LB! The tow bar weighed more than...
  8. MH_Stevens

    Shudder on Steering Wheel and Foot Pedal When Braking - Not What You Think

    My truck (2007 with 200K miles) has always had a bit of this - shudder on steering wheel and brake pedal when braking. Normal cause of this is warped rotors or other brake issues, so I had complete new brakes all around. New rotors, calipers and pads. And new rear shocks. Seemed to be OK for a...
  9. MH_Stevens

    I got confused between MAF sensor and the box adjacent to the butterfly

    So now I've found the MAF and I'm guessing what I was looking at was the throttle position sensor? Do I need remove that to clean it and behind the butterfly? I cleaned butterfly from front.
  10. MH_Stevens

    Minor Valve Cover (?) Gasket Leak

    See the pictures and you will see minor oil seepage from right side spark plug cover at 200K on my 2003 . Its very minor so is it worth a new gasket and what is involved?
  11. MH_Stevens

    Throttle Butterfly Condition - Imply Need Full Clean?

    Today putting in new plus noticed throttle butterfly dirty at edges. See picture. Is tis normal (200K miles and ever cleaned) or does it indicate I need a full throttle body clean?
  12. MH_Stevens

    What Next? (after my 100 that is)

    So, I have a '97 80 with 250K miles and by far the best truck I ever had. My 100 has just turned over 200K miles and unlike the 80 that I serviced very 6 months the 100 has had nothing done save a set of plugs, a timing belt and shocks, and I see problems coming. I have not been reading on the...
  13. MH_Stevens

    Tire Disaster and Catch 22 at Costco

    For my last set of tires I went to Costco. I let them recommend the tires, I just said I wanted for off-road with tough sidewall. They put on four Michelin Latitudes. These tires proved to be terrible off-road and wore fast. But Costco has paid the price for their choice because up till last...
  14. MH_Stevens

    A Simple Bed Base with Storage

    I know some of you have made and posted very sophisticated build outs but for down and dirty camping or for a road trip where you need sleep in the Cruiser I made this very simple rear platform making a bed b are with two storage draws. The base is the same height as the middle row of seats when...
  15. MH_Stevens

    Military Trailer Wiring Issue

    Wiring up a 2004 M105A2 military trailer to my LC. My 2004 Land Cruiser has the towing package with the 7-pin out receptacle. I have replaced the trailers 24v bulbs with 12v ones. I have removed the 12-pin NATO plug from the trailer and connected the relevant 4 trailers wires to a 7-pin plug...
  16. MH_Stevens

    My '97 Back on Road After 3 years as a Chicken Coop

    Really getting bored with the 100 (300k miles now) and I was missing my '97 80 that had been abandoned at the bottom of the field with doors and windows open for use as home for all manner of creatures. Cats escape from coyotes in it, chickens laid eggs in it and several generation of mice have...
  17. MH_Stevens

    Removing Brakes from Military Trailers to Reduce Weight?

    I have just got a heavy duty military trailer, the M105A2 and unladen weight is a hefty 2700 lbs. Someone said somewhere to reduce weight by removing the surge braking system. The surge brakes are useful I feel on steep decents so is there any merit to the suggestion?
  18. MH_Stevens

    Inspecting Timing Belt

    My timing belt was changed at 90K miles but now I am 185K so 95K on. I need take children on a 3,000 mile journey and I need decide if this is risky or should I change belt again. I know following the belt changing FAQ how to get to the part where the left cover is removed, but I want to know if...
  19. MH_Stevens

    What Bilstein Shocks Should I Have?

    Since I had new Bilstein shocks put on my truck the rear suspension bangs and knocks on any bump like the shocks are too weak or the springs have gone. What model or models of Blistein work? The ones I have say TYP 29/ - 027403. Thanks
  20. MH_Stevens

    "the external source is not connected"

    This is the message I get when I hit DISC to play a cd from the CD changer. 2003 with Nav system. Up until now it has always played CDs with no problems. Looks like something may have come unconnected but all wireing is out of sight. The 6 CD cassette holder operates OK - that is I can remove...
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