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  1. lahar50

    Parting Out 94 fzj80 in NC

    Do you have the front diff is it a locker how much?
  2. lahar50

    SOLD 1985 BJ73 LX So. ILL

    I am interested in this and would like to talk to you.
  3. lahar50

    FREE Some 96,97 anniversary Land Cruiser parts

    I have a 97 anniversary ac evaporator core and case.A blower and case it should work in a 96 or 97 and a 96 heater core and case.I have some wiring harness.Radiator out of a 96.These are free if you can come pick them up I just don't to mess with shipping them.It is best to call me 317-752-1772...
  4. lahar50

    Wanted Wanted: Dash & sunroof trim - 96 fzj80

    Dash HI i have a dash out of a 97 it is brown.I will have to look to see if it is ok.
  5. lahar50

    For Sale 4 goodyear MT/Rs on 80 wheels

    I have 4 goodyear LT245-75-16 MT/R that were on a 97 land cruiser they have 17/32 thread left.asking $400 OBO West of Indianapolis shipping I am sure would be expensive so picking them up would be best.I amso have 2 Goodrich 265-70-16 on Tacoma stock rims tires are not much would like to get 50...
  6. lahar50

    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    Still up for sale also have a lot of parts to go with it.
  7. lahar50

    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    JL080 I am just west of Indianapolis,in.
  8. lahar50

    For sale 97 Land Cruiser w/Factory lockers

    It is time to sell my L.C I don't drive it much any more.It will go when you lock the front and rear diffs. as most of you know I think.I have a lot of Land cruiser parts enough to fill up the back I think and too many to list.I just dom't drive it much any more and don't get to go off road for...
  9. lahar50

    2001 Tacoma locking rear diff ?

    Thanks 10ga as soon as i get the chance i will do this.The info and pics help a lot.
  10. lahar50

    2001 Tacoma locking rear diff ?

    I just bought a 2001 Tacoma TRD with rear locking diff.Will the gray wire mod work on the 2001?I have don't some reading and i see 2004 but i am not sure if it is the same for the 2001.Need help on this.:confused:
  11. lahar50

    For Sale 85 bj70 a/c system

    Could you post pic of the whole truck/
  12. lahar50

    BJ74 info

    spotcruiser thanks for the info.i will try to find him.
  13. lahar50

    BJ74 info

    Could any one check out the Bj74 on ebay and let me know about the condition. i am think about buying it.Thanks in advance of any help i could get. Larry
  14. lahar50

    70 Series on Ebay Motors

    it has an 2 L-T kind of week i hear.But i don't know
  15. lahar50

    For Sale BJ70 Shorty LHD

    I don't know if it the value has gone down or peoples money has gone down. it is a nice 70.
  16. lahar50

    BJ70 replacement rear quarters

    They are very good.
  17. lahar50

    Parting out a 97 Indianapolis

    toroz06 i have the front door,right quarter.sun roof
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