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  1. VivaToy

    Roofnest/Hard Shell Roof Tent on Stock Roof Rack?

    I did some searching but haven't found anything about this. Looking through the gallery, it seems like most people are using aftermarket racks to mount these. Is there a possibility to mount a hard shell tent onto the stock rack? Has anyone done it? My LC was repainted a year ago so I'm not...
  2. VivaToy

    Spliced Wires on Driver Side Door Control Wiring - Dealer Installed?

    I had to tighten up a screw on the Driver Side door panel the other day and opened it up to this: That's the plug that goes into the box picture above. The splices used are the same splices used for the dealer installed alarm system. (I've since ripped all that out.) I'm puzzled what purpose...
  3. VivaToy

    Pressure in Lower Radiator Hose - Leaking

    I recently replaced all of the cooling system on my '95. That included Denso radiator, denso thermostat, upper and lower hoses, PHH, heater control valve, with all new Toyota Red coolant and distilled water. Everything has been running smoothly for the past couple weeks until I looked underneath...
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