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  1. NocalFJ60

    For Sale  1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo / SF Bay Area (CA)

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo / SF Bay Area (CA) SOLD I am selling my 85 300D and need to have it sold/picked up in 1.5 weeks. SOLD
  2. NocalFJ60

    Help Wanted  Unix Administrator - Northern California/SF Bay area

    We are looking for some Unix Administrators at work. PM me if you are a Unix Administrator and open to new possibilities or refer someone you know. Please PM me and I can get you in contact with the hiring personal. The job is in the San Francisco Bay area here in California.
  3. NocalFJ60

    Wanted  Used 33x10.5 R15 tire

    I am looking for a BFG AT 33x10.5 R15 or 33x9.5 R 15 for a spare tire. I am open to other types of tires of the same size. I would prefer something close but open to paying shipping for a good tire. PM me if you have something
  4. NocalFJ60

    For Sale  5 35x12.5 R15 Dunlop Radial Mud Rover Tires Northern California

    -SOLD- 5 35x12.5 R15 Dunlop Radial Mud Rover Tires Northern California -SOLD- I am selling my set of 5 35x12.5 R15 Dunlop Radial Mud Rover tires. No wheels included. I have bee really happy with their performance but going to a smaller size. 4 have ~5K miles on them and only a few years old...
  5. NocalFJ60

    Plumbing Help?

    Last week I noticed when walking in the bathroom a sewer smell. I tracked it down to the bathtub drain. I filled the tub with water and took the cover off the overflow drain. I then held my hand over the overflow drain and let some water drain down the drain in the tub and got the plunger out...
  6. NocalFJ60

    Flushing hot water heaters/mineral buildup

    I have been flushing my gas hot water heater about every year since we have hard water in the area. Usually after I flush it the popping sound goes way since a lot of minerals at the bottom get flushed out. Last week I flushed it and that night after using a lot of hot water it was popping about...
  7. NocalFJ60

    For Sale  1995 FJ80 Land Cruiser (East Texas)

    My sister and her husband are selling their cruiser. They are in east Texas close to Tyler. They are the second owners and have had it since 2001. It has been my sister's daily driver. It doesn't have factory lockers. The only issue I know of is that it has a small oil leak. Specs: * Black...
  8. NocalFJ60

    Best portable 12V air compressor?

    I need a new portable 12V compressor and looking at some options. Anyone had one that has held up well or got one recently they are happy with? I am looking for something that can handle airing back up 35's without too much trouble and other regular use. This one has got a lot of compliments...
  9. NocalFJ60

    Where to buy vacuum Pump & AC manifold gauge set

    I need to recharge my DD AC with R134a and it has completely vented so I need a vacuum pump and AC manifold gauge set. Instead of paying someone else to do it I would like to buy a 1-3 cfm vacuum pump & gauge set. I am looking for a set that has fittings for R12 too so I can get my cruiser leak...
  10. NocalFJ60

    Installed a RO water system under the sink

    I have been wanting to get a good quality reverse osmosis system at home. After doing some research, I found a good system at APEC. I looked at the systems at Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco. Most of them have their own unique filter cartridges so you have to buy the replacements from them. They...
  11. NocalFJ60

    Stain garage concrete floor

    I want to stain my garage concrete floor. The epoxy painting is what is most recommended but I like stained concrete floor so I have been looking for good options that will hold up to the wrenching & chemicals. One of the main problems with garage floors is the hot tire pickup. I sounds like...
  12. NocalFJ60

    Lake Pillsbury Mud Run

    Who is going? What will the conditions be like next weekend? Has there been a lot of rain?
  13. NocalFJ60

    1994 Toyota Land Cruiser SF Bay Area, California

    SOLD :1994 Toyota Land Cruiser SF Bay Area, California My friend is selling his 1994 Land Cruiser with factory dual lockers. He is a townie so it doesn't see much off road use. Pictures in link at the bottom. Price: $6650. SOLD Mileage: 143,000 Tow Package Locking Differential...
  14. NocalFJ60

    Cool 60 Tribute Videos on Youtube

    Saw some 60's from people on here on these videos. Sorry if it is a repost. I had not seen them. A lot of interesting front bumpers I have not seen on 60's. Anyone got anymore pictures of the red front bumper in the first video?
  15. NocalFJ60

    Gear Calculator (Microsoft Excel) Download

    Here is a gear calculator I made awhile back before I put in my toybox and updated it today. I have checked it with my setup and it is dead on. You can download it here but you need Microsoft Excel. This should help answers anyone question about different tire and gear setups...
  16. NocalFJ60

    Advise on mechanic in Denton area?

    Know any mechanics in Denton area? My brother just moved back to Denton. It sounds like his fan clutch went out. He said he can spin it with the engine off with little resistance and he is running hot. He has a 97 4runner with the V6. He doesn't have any tool and needs a local mechanic to...
  17. NocalFJ60

    Transfer Case & Trans. Skid plate

    Does someone have a picture of the stock transfer case & trans. skid plate on a early (81-84) FJ60 with the older crossmember? Can someone take a picture and measure how long the plate is on the passenger side? I need to see how it bolts up to the frame. I don't have my stock skid plate...
  18. NocalFJ60

    ARB air locker. gear oil getting into air line.

    While wheelin in Moab I had gear oil sprayed on fender around where air compressor was mounted. When I would vent the rear ARB locker gear oil was in the line and would spray out of vent on solenoid. Anyone else have this problem? This normal when in really steep terrain? Anything to help stop...
  19. NocalFJ60

    2F & FJ60 Parts

    (Sold)$20 K&N air filter for 2F (barely used) $20 OEM Clutch Slave Cylinder for older FJ60 with adjustable nut (less than 5K miles on it) $20 Jacobs Omni coil (aftermarket ignition coil) (Sold)$30 4-speed shifter with knob but no boot.
  20. NocalFJ60

    2F valve cover

    I have a 2F valve cover for sale. I will include the oil cap and the four bushing and nuts on top. There is a gasket on it but I would replace it before installation. $25 plus shipping or $40 with ground shipping included.
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