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  1. yohavos

    LHD 70 Series Dash - Free

    EDIT - gone to a new home, thanks! No gauge cluster or steering wheel, but dash and HVAC is here. Figure it may help someone local. Free to a good cruiser home. Please spread the word—need it all taken, can’t separate. Mike @torfab @Willis
  2. yohavos

    For Sale  Washington: 1997 LX450 ute chop ($4k)

    The Ute is for sale, $4k to mud. It’s on CL for $5k. It’s a hack job that looks cool from certain angles and certain distances. Washington title shows rebuilt from an earlier accident in its life. Nittos have less than 10k on them. Warn M12000, IPOR skid, Aussie locker in the rear. Liner needs...
  3. yohavos

    Wanted  1965-1967 FJ40 Windshield Frame & Accessories

    I'm starting from scratch on my FJ40 and need everything but the tub-mounted latches for my windshield. I'll order rubber new and source glass locally, but am looking for a windshield frame and hinges for my 1967. Located in 98498. Thanks! Mike
  4. yohavos

    MUDShip  Parts from Canada to Washington

    Anyone have a recommendation for a shipper/importer that can facilitate getting a truck cab into the US? Ideally all the way from Grande Prairie, AB, Canada to the Tacoma, WA area.
  5. yohavos

    Anyone going to Cruise Moab?

    We’re hoping to MUDship a H151 transmission and box of parts from here to there. I’m in Lakewood but can get this to where it needs to be anywhere in the Seattle area if anyone has room. Mike
  6. yohavos

    FS locally: 5 speed conversion for 80 series

    Hello locals! This is up in the classifieds but I wanted to post here to see if folks wouldn’t mind spreading the word. I’m shelving my 5 speed conversion on my 80 series (building a 40 now...) and am offering my H151 “kit” from land cruiser heaven up for sale locally. Looking for $3500...
  7. yohavos

    For Sale  H151 w/1FZ Bell Housing & Extras (PNW)

    October price drop: $2000 Price dropped to $2500 I purchased this transmission with extras from Land Cruiser heaven several years ago. My understanding is that short of a center console and crossmember, this should be a majority of the parts necessary to convert your FZJ80 to a manual...
  8. yohavos

    Wanted  Silver LX450 PS Front Fender & Both Doors

    I've got a big dent/scratch running the entire length of the passenger side of my silver LX450 and am looking for replacement doors and a front fender. I've got some emails out to folks and wrecking yards but figured I would post up. I realize these are bulky items but I'm willing to pay for...
  9. yohavos

    We're back!

    I've run into a few of the old crew, but I'm happy to announce Rebecca and I are back! School is over and we've returned to the wonderful south sound. We bought a house in Lakewood and look forward to hosting a wrenching session/BBQ/general shenanigans once we're done with renovations and...
  10. yohavos

    NWOL Meet Up--June 21 @ 6:30pm

    Hey fellas, This is short notice but the Northwest Overland folks are meeting up tomorrow (6/21/16) at Selkirk Pizza & Tap House on North Division at 6:30pm. I didn't see the event before I took off for our trek this weekend, else I would have posted up sooner. That's all I've got for...
  11. yohavos

    Ramble & Camp--June 17-19, 2016

    Hey everyone, I'm going to go drive around the woods north of Spokane and camp the weekend of 17-19 June, barring any catastrophes between now and then. I've opened the trip up to 4 participants from Northwest Overland, and wanted to post up here to see if anyone wanted to join us. The plan is...
  12. yohavos

    Colville & Kaniksu Nat'l Forest Day Trip Report

    Figured I'd drop this here for future reference! I had a week to myself between graduating (and guests) and starting bar prep. I was going insane, so last Tuesday I decided to take action. The cruiser drawers stay packed with the basics, so I threw my assault pack and the gazetteer in the rig...
  13. yohavos

    Northern ID/WA -- NW Passage Route

    I graduated about 10 days ago and have a few days of freedom left before I start bar prep... having been here for three years with only limited jaunts into the National Forest up north, I've decided to step up my game. I used to get out every weekend. The lady and I camped regularly, and I...
  14. yohavos

    March Meet Up--March 31, 2016 (in Cd'A)

    Alright folks, it's that time again! Some of the Northwest Overland guys and gals will be grabbing food and drinks at the end of the month to discuss what we've done and what we're going to do! I think it would be great to get a cruiser contingent there. The snow is melting and people have...
  15. yohavos

    Wanted  75 Series Body

    Long shot, but are there any of these out there floating around? Looking to do something stupid. I regret not grabbing one of those 79 series cab/trays a few years ago. I'm in WA state.
  16. yohavos

    January Meet Up--Jan 21, 2016

    Let's grab a beer and talk cruisers and camping. I'll bring some swag (steekers!) for anyone interested. I'm open to suggestions for venue, and would love to bundle up and kick tires in the parking lot if the weather isn't unbearable. We've met at the Rusty Moose in the past, but anywhere...
  17. yohavos

    Anyone have a 100 series?

    Hey everyone! I've got a mount I made for my 80 and want to see if it will work on a 100 series. I'm in Spokane but will be back in Gig Harbor in the next few weeks. If anyone has or knows someone who has a 100 series that can spare a few minutes for me to see about bolting this thing up, I'd...
  18. yohavos

    Anyone in Spokane?

    Hello everyone! I posted in the Spokane clubhouse but it's a ghost town in there. I've got a mount I made for my 80 that may fit on a 100. If anyone happens to have a 100 series in the Spokane area I'd gladly give you open access to the beer fridge in exchange for a few minutes of time with...
  19. yohavos

    Recovery Point Shape

    This is a potentially dumb and/or vague question, but here goes: All things being equal, is one of these shapes better than the other, or does it matter? I'm thinking strength for pulls, ability to be bashed against things, etc. Let's say they're mounted either horizontally or vertically (the...
  20. yohavos

    Anyone have a 100 series?

    I'm working on a little project for my 80(s) and wanted to see if there's any cross compatibility with the 100 series platform. I would especially like to check out a 100 with an ARB front bumper on it, if at all possible. -Mike
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