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    Tire Pressure Monitor

    My trailer came with a TPMS system. It'll monitor both pressure and temperature. You can set alarms for whatever value you want. The receiver looks something like an old school GPS. It is marketed for semi trucks as well so it'll monitor 18 transmitters and sequentially step through them. I...
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    Unconventional OBA Setup - Help me think it through!

    A fan that runs when the compressor is running might make it last longer and prevent melting anything nearby.
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    Wits End Turbo Owners

    Can someone post pictures of the modified old Y pipe welded to the new downpipe fitting? TIA
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    Wipers Won't Stop

    The wiper park circuit might be missing the park switch.
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    Gas Smell after Replacing Charcoal Canister

    Bump to top. I've had the VC120 can in my 80 for while. It worked great for the first few years but now reeks of ethanol. I'm going to check for loose hoses/fittings and then move on to checking the purge valves, etc. Anyone found defective devices in the purge system yet? TIA
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    Heavy Duty 1FZE Motor Mounts ?

    The newer 1FZ has the coil pack ignition. Nice.
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    The Colombian Emerald

    The door upholstery reminds me of a 60. Cool truck, looks like it has lots of time out of the sun.
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    dc driveshaft install

    You also need to rotate the axle to have a zero degree angle at the pinion joint or the DC isn't going to help.
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    Wits End Turbo Owners

    Corbet, have you replaced the fuel pressure regulator?
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    Someone creamed my Cruiser, need advice (Florida wreck)

    Some years ago my wifes car was hit in about the same location. It bent the firewall along with the door hinges. Unfortunately it is also the same location as the ECU and a massive wiring harness. None of the repair shops would touch it because of the wiring near the damage. Car drove fine...
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    What's missing from the market?

    Decent aftermarket mud flaps. Something flexible enough to not get destroyed driving through rocks but functional enough to keep the road spray and tossed pebbles down.
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    Onboard Air - Fast filling options

    The front brake cooling lines are a new one for me. Is this your idea or something you found somewhere? I question how effective and necessary this is.
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    Gas Cap Pressure/Gas Smell

    The gas cap is vented in that there is a one way valve to let air into the tank. It is not vented to let air out of the tank.
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    Evans Waterless coolant

    One minor point to add to the discussion...... Glycol, ethylene or propylene, does not inhibit corrosion. Additional chemicals are blended in to the commercial coolants to protect against corrosion. These additives are slowly consumed over time leaving old coolant not as good at corrosion...
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    Fascinating article on head gasket failure

    Ever seen a HG failure at cyls 3 or 4? No? Then forced induction, low octane, detonation, whatever isn't the issue. The failures occur at the outside of cyls 1 and 6 because that is where the most movement is between the alum head and the iron block. The solution really is simple, never shut...
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    Cracked Wheel.... to use or to not?

    That amount of welding must distort the wheel and at least put it noticeably out of balance. How much weight does it need to make the vibration tolerable?
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    Fuel Pump Won’t Operate After Completing Head Gasket Replacement

    fuel pump doesn't run until engine is cranking, unlike most other fuel injection systems.
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    1996 floor mats

    Hexomat All Weather Floor Mats by Intro-Tech Automotive
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    How far would you drive...

    To save the VC from overheating, you could lock the center diff and pull the fuse. Then just drive it. Yes there will be some bind between the front and rear axles that would scrub the tires a bit. I'd keep the distance driven to a minimum but it shouldn't do any real damage, especially if...
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    Any 3rd Gen Tacoma Owner's Compare to FJ80 Off-Road Capability

    The difference in wheelbase will change how you maneuver around obstacles. The 80 is 112", the Taco is from 127" to 140" depending on the cab/bed config. I wouldn't want to drive something that long off pavement but plenty of people do.
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