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    Transporting 22RE engine for rebuild

    Dear All 1994 Toyota 22RE 4x4. I've had it since new. It's in excellent shape. The (2nd) timing chain guides recently broke and, in the process of checking over the truck also discovered the compression is a bit down in 2 of the cylinders and will, eventually, need a re-build. Decided to have...
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    Got what?

    Hi All so the 1984 FJ60 got side swiped yesterday. Significant other was driving. Fault was the semi-truck driver. Any advice on best replacement equipment? Here's the damage:
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    A bang, then a and no more problems.

    Hi All 1984 fj60, re-built 2f engine...has been running great. Today was driving on the highway at 65 MPH. Heard / felt a bit of a bang. Pulled off within 1 minute. Engine running opened hood. Nothing missing, nothing leaking. Belts still in place and look good. Could hear a whine coming from...
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    Bad water pump - would you drive it 25 miles more?

    Hi All, so the fun begins a bit. Got in the 60 (1984 FJ60, 2F, H55 conversion) yesterday morning, started up, and drove away. I heard a squeal. Short drive and returned to park. Came out a couple hours later and found a very small amount of coolant on the pavement. Checked and it's coming from...
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    Another intro thread

    Hi Everyone Recently bought a 1984 FJ60. 365000 miles on the odometer (but less on the re-built engine). Found it on this forum here while I was looking for technical advice on my 1994 Toyota 22RE pickup. As luck would have it, I found myself needing something a little larger than a mini-truck...
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