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  1. lunyou

    Wanted  Mid Mo - FJ40 project around $3500

    It’s time to get another FJ40. It’s been too long. I want a project, as I can’t afford a finished rig. I understand the limitations on a price point around $3500. Ideally I would like the rig to have something positive(not rotting, running, frame solid, etc). I do want a hard top. Prefer a ‘76...
  2. lunyou

    Bone stock 1974 40's....need pics

    Hey guys. I haven't been around in a while. I have a lead on a 1974 40 that needs a lot of work. I have a friend that is going to do the metal work for next to nothing. The truck isn't going to be a resto but I would like to know what type of front fender lights it should have and other...
  3. lunyou

    47k miles 2007 Tundra Alternator Fail!!!

    This is absurd. 47k miles and I'm replacing the alternator. Top it off Locally at part store part is $282. Toyota? Upper $600. Plus almost $200 to install. This is ridiculous. Does anyone have a FSM for a 5.7 tundra as this is going to have to be a DIY job for me. Thanks.
  4. lunyou

    For Sale  FS: 1994 FJ-80 $2000 - Cuba, MO

    FJ-80 237xxx miles No lockers New tires(5000 miles) New plugs, wires, plug seals New Valve cover seal Needs: Front main seal Throttle adjustment The truck isn't perfect but it's worth $2000. It has typical aging in appearance and operation but everything is solid and works. The wheels need...
  5. lunyou

    Help me with a wiring schematic. Please

    I am wanting to get my old 40 back on the road. The reason I took it off was electrical. The blinker switch inside the unknown year GM column broke AND the brake lights developed a short. It's old, when it rains it pours. This is what I want to do. Build a completely new wiring system not...
  6. lunyou

    My new truck.

    5.7L V8, 6-speed auto, 2wd. This truck scoots on down the road.
  7. lunyou

    Sell me on either a newer Taco or Tundra

    I'm in the market to get a new rig. A new truck that won't be breaking down due to old age, high mileage, and one that is comfortable to drive a small distance(not a 1st gen 4runner with bad springs and no ac). I want either a Newer 5.7L tundra double cab or a newer double cab taco. I'd...
  8. lunyou

    Changing front main seal

    I have a front main seal on order. Probably next weekend I'll tear into it. Any tricks I need to know about?
  9. lunyou

    Anyone want to replace a tranny in an 01 4runner?

    A buddy on another forum needs a tranny put in his 2wd 4runner but doesn't want to pay $1100 a mechanic quoted. He said he'll provide the transmission and anything you need he just wanted to get by a little cheaper. Said the closer to the corner of Lindbergh and Manchester(Lou fusz Toyota) the...
  10. lunyou

    Realtime help: where does this hose go?

    Realtime help: BRAKE FAILURE LookEd under my hood trying to figure out why my brakes are weak and found this hose just laying there unhooked from wherever it goes. Any help would be appreciate ASAP.
  11. lunyou

    Easy way to remove inclinometer from dash?

    So I need to go remove an inclinometer but realized today win looking over my own that the bracket has four fasteners that apparently you must remove the dash to get to. Any easy way to do this without damaging everything?
  12. lunyou

    Easiest way to tell if there is a lift?

    Well the battery fixed the issue I was having. So I washed the truck getting it ready to be used. To me the truck is taller than I remember from my childhood 85 4runner. Any easy way to tell?
  13. lunyou

    Seriously lost - 87 fourrunner not starting.

    Okay so I'm starting a new thread. Truck is an 87 4runner. 22re, 5speed, SR5. What I've done. It started everytime I tried starting it before any of this was done. The following is the sequence of replacement and the outcome within the reasonable time frame for problems to arise due to...
  14. lunyou

    So who's Girlfriend was in Cuba, MO today?

    My neighbors called me about a strange to the area girl stopping to take pictures of my truck(s), while walking her dog. I ended up finding her a couple blocks away. I was polite, at least I thought I was, in asking why she was taking pictures. She explain her boyfriend lives in Witchita and...
  15. lunyou

    New grill, bumper, corner lights installed.

    Got a complete set off an 86. Which to me the black 85-86 grills looked better anyway than the 87+. Got it all installed today. Before After
  16. lunyou

    22re turbo worth the trouble?

    Is installing the Toyota turbo into a 22re worth the hassle of finding the parts ad doing the installation. Ive never been around a turbo'd 22re so this is a new area. I'm thinking of sourcing the parts as I come across them and eventually getting one all together.
  17. lunyou

    Non-bayonet style wiper arms for 87 4runner?

    I really dislike the bayonet style wiper arms. Is there another vehicle's arms that will work that has the hook style?
  18. lunyou

    Local 'Yota pick n pulls?

    Looking for a boneyard pick n pull close to the eastern side of the state. need a bunch of stuff for my 1st gen 'runner and hear you can save some Cash pulling it yourself.
  19. lunyou

    Tamiya Hi-lift

    Anything wrong with the new "bruiser" the Tamiya hi-lift? It has the three speed tranny. It seems like a cool looking rc that you might be able to add things to later. For not a break the bank price.
  20. lunyou

    Color keyed grill and headlight doors for 1st gen 4runner

    Im going to need to replace my grill and headlight doors on that 4runner I just bought. I don't like chrome so is black the only other option? I wouldn't mind painting the grill and doors to match the truck eventually, I have a paint scheme in mind.
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