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  1. Daisy 53

    SOLD  Clean 05 Land Cruiser, Albuquerque NM...

    SOLD!! Well this isn’t what I wanted to do, but life happens! I bought this truck to build and enjoy but my job has me traveling a ton. I can’t afford to give it the attention that it needs! So on to the description... 05 Land Cruiser, Atlantis Blue Mica with tan interior. 214xxx miles and in...
  2. Daisy 53

    Slow seatbelt fix!

    The seat belts in my 05 have been slow since I bought it. It got bad enough on the drivers side that there was a couple inches of slack sometimes! I tried all the tricks to fix them, velcro, dental floss and so on. Tore into it today to fix it and here is what I found that worked. On my 80's...
  3. Daisy 53

    Rugged tablet on steroids

    Stole this link from the HDC page... This thing looks freaking cool! I want one! Daisy
  4. Daisy 53

    For Sale  04 Honda Accord, Albuquerque, NM

    Anyone looking for a reliable, gas sipping daily driver? CL link for my Accord, hit me up with questions or for more info... Thanks Daisy
  5. Daisy 53

    For Sale  97 40th, Lockers in Albuquerque

    Im sure that I will regret this but it is what needs to happen...:bang: $6500 OBO 97 40th, 189xxx miles, lockers, Slee Step sliders, Mule roof rack, almost new Ironman awning, CDL switch, hand throttle, PFran LED's and so on. Brand new Costco battery with 3 year warranty. New window runs up...
  6. Daisy 53

    Jan meeting

    Its time for our annual elections/meeting. Any volunteers to host? Everyone start thinking about who you want as VP as Ash is moving up to President!! Thanks Daisy
  7. Daisy 53

    Alaska Vacation

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my trip to see my Dad... Dads front yard. Temp yesterday morning, it was crisp!! Scenery. More Daisy
  8. Daisy 53

    October Meeting

    Anyone interested in hosting a meeting in October? Thanks Daisy
  9. Daisy 53

    August Meeting

    Any volunteers for this months meeting?? Thanks Daisy
  10. Daisy 53

    July Meeting Minutes

    First off, big thanks to Marc and family for setting up and running the picnic! Was a very nice venue and a good time for everyone. Old Business... -Columbus day run in Utah, talked to Onur today and he is going to be able to lead this trip to Hole in the Rock. Standby for further details and...
  11. Daisy 53

    For Sale  80 series Factory Roof Rack, NM

    SOLD!!! Factory Roof Rack off of my 97 80 series. Great shape, no rust and all the hardware is included. Off the truck and ready to ship. 50+ the ride... Pics on request Daisy
  12. Daisy 53

    For Sale  97 Fender Flares, NM

    Sold......Full set of flares off of my 97 80. They are Dark Green, 6M1 is the paint code. No cracks or major damage to them. Some scratches and dings, but in good shape overall. Have all the metal hardware but none of the plastic clips survived. 150 plus the ride Thanks Daisy
  13. Daisy 53

    Cibola Search and Rescue

    We were approached by the area lead for Cibola Search and Rescue while airing down on Sunday. She stated that they were in real need of volunteers with 4 wheel drives and a knowledge of the areas we frequent. From what she was telling me, most of the members have little to no 4x4 experience...
  14. Daisy 53

    Blue Ribbion Coalition

    All, I got an email today from the Blue Ribbon Coalition asking for help. While I send them a few bucks I thought that it might be a good idea for the club to donate some to fight the fight to keep our offroad areas open. Thoughts? Thanks Daisy
  15. Daisy 53

    June Minutes

    Big thanks goes out to the Franklin clan for hosting! Old business Overnight run to hole in the rock, Onur was going to head this up. New business -Standby for new T-shirt designs! -Old T-shirts are going on Fire Sale, 8 bucks a pop. Buy them for friends and family... -Need a volunteer to be...
  16. Daisy 53

    May Meeting Minutes

    Thanks to the Williams for hosting!! Old Business, Website again, Steve (Lurch) is going to be the webmaster for the site and a Moderator on mud. New business, 1. Meetings will be the first Saturday of the month as a guideline. This will help in planning. There was a bit of...
  17. Daisy 53

    New ride

    Well I went ahead and bought me another 80. It is my least favorite color, but I have plans for that... Enough talk, here are some pics.
  18. Daisy 53

    Contact list

    Need a volunteer to collect/manage a contact list for all of our members that wish to share. I understand that there is an older list out there, might be a good place to start. PM's do work for some but they are cumbersome for multiple exchanges... Thoughts? Daisy
  19. Daisy 53

    April Meeting Minutes

    Thanks to Steve and Wendy for having us! Smallish turnout tonight but nice to see some folks. Old business; We re-discussed the website and 'mud. The agreement is to try and find a cheaper alternative to our current web host and have a good link to our page on mud. Also agreed to limit our...
  20. Daisy 53

    craigslist  03 4runner, Albuquerque NM

    This is mine... 03 Toyota 4Runner 03 4runner, 140xxx miles, SR5 with a V-6. Great shape and ready for its next owner! No issues with it at all, selling to get more MPG in a daily driver. I've been averaging 21 MPG with it but I drive close to 45 miles a day... More pics available Daisy
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