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  1. Bamagirl

    Catalytic converters for a Gx470

    I've been having issues with my GX for the past couple of weeks. Two weekends ago I replaced the alternator and now I'm getting codes for bad catalytic converters. The right is completely stopped up and the left is almost stopped up. This was verified at a shop that ran diagnostic testing on it...
  2. Bamagirl

    Cam seals? Have you replaced yours or had any trouble with them?

    I am learning the hard and expensive way about cam seals. Have any of you replaced yours? Had any trouble with them? Anyone know what causes them to start leaking? Is it a wear item or does doing something cause them to start leaking?
  3. Bamagirl

    Attic storage/organization options?

    Do any of you have attic storage options in your vehicle over the cargo area? I have seen some use a wire system and others use a netting system. I'd love to be able to find something that I could use in the cargo window areas to store things and get them up off the floor or out of a box for...
  4. Bamagirl

    Bumper or Lift?

    I added new tires to my GX 470 yesterday. I went with Toyo Open Country AT2 265/70/17. I was taking a picture to show a buddy them and I turned the wheels so I could get a pic of the tread pattern and it appears that if they aren't touching the inner fender at the front they are super close. It...
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