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  1. Cromagnon

    Spacer needed for a early oil filter

    I would not prime or paint it, when it flakes off where will the paint end up? It is going to be pretty much immersed in oil anyway so why bother.
  2. Cromagnon

    Starting Issues click. click. click.

    I would suggest the next place to look is the neutral safety switch, it may be failing and it won't be the first that I have seen cause this symptom.
  3. Cromagnon

    Starting Issues click. click. click.

    You cannot expect help for an electrical problem, especially an intermittent one, by feeding us one piece of information at a time. Why not put the complete details in the first post? If you get tired of putting the information in every first post place the information in your signature.
  4. Cromagnon

    Starting Issues click. click. click.

    When did a '74 FJ40 get a neutral safety switch? It doesn't show up on the factory wiring diagrams that I have access to. Have you looked at the wires going to and from this switch and the switch itself? I would do as @John McVicker and @skidplate suggest and put in a relay.
  5. Cromagnon

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    You, sir, are correct!:clap::clap:
  6. Cromagnon

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Put in a new battery tray and hold down.
  7. Cromagnon

    Ignition wiring

    Please do not hook up a ground to your ignition switch. You will most likely melt your wiring harness and possibly burn your vehicle to the ground. Do you not have a wiring diagram? The AM terminal is connected to the ammeter circuit using the BR (WL on Toyota Matts Picture) wire. The ST...
  8. Cromagnon

    Part Fell

    Just take out the two screws and see if the light bulb is good and it is plugged in. Very easy thing to do. You could even do a voltage check...make sure the head light switch is fully counter clockwise (anticlockwise for our friends.)
  9. Cromagnon

    Best Aftermarket headLights For Fj40

    I just finished putting City Racer's in my 40 and LOVE them. Due back in stock in December, LINK .
  10. Cromagnon


    Oh... I forgot one thing. WELCOME to Mud!!! If you post a picture of your FJ40 please make sure the bezel is on right side up. The bezel police frown a lot on them being upside down.:bounce:
  11. Cromagnon


    Is it high and low beams that do not work or just the high or low beams. Add the selector switch into the mix if it is just one of them that works. Check the fuse, using a multimeter, too.
  12. Cromagnon

    New Hubcap installation?

    I used the palm of my hand...and I'm OLD!!!!
  13. Cromagnon

    New LC owner - FJ40/GM engine swap - gauge cluster question

    You will need to source a 2nd Gen Cluster for that year of 40, it has terminal posts for the sensors instead of a connector. If you get a 3rd Gen you will need to source the circular connector to go with it or a field engineering fix to work around not having it. Dakota Digital is another...
  14. Cromagnon

    New LC owner - FJ40/GM engine swap - gauge cluster question

    This is very important, DISCONNECT THE BATTERY when playing with the instrument cluster!!!!! If you choose not to, then the short that will occur will be followed by a sucking sound that is cash flowing out of your wallet.
  15. Cromagnon

    New LC owner - FJ40/GM engine swap - gauge cluster question

    First of all, welcome to MUD:flipoff2: (that is the official "MUD salute".) Second, either put the year and series in your signature or add it to every thread you start. Third, "goofy electronic replacement gauge clusters" doesn't describe anything. If you really want help be very precise in...
  16. Cromagnon

    Wiring Harness - Distributor - Alternator

    I have never seen a ballast resistor on a voltage regulator. Since the alternator is internally regulated it is not OEM, you need to tell us the manufacturer and model if you want help on that.
  17. Cromagnon

    1976 FJ40 Turn signal switch

    According to the three wiring diagrams I have, there is no blue wire on the turn signal switch. Is it an aftermarket switch or wiring harness? On the '76 FJ40 the only blue wire is from the fuse panel to the wiper motor and washer pump.
  18. Cromagnon

    FJ40 Wire Harness Reference - September 1976

    That would be the ignition switch. If you look at the spreadsheet in this LINK #64 is for the horn.
  19. Cromagnon

    Ambulance door alignment

    That's what I'm talking about...FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a LINK for the star. It is under "STORE" / "SUPPORT" Thank you.
  20. Cromagnon

    Ambulance door alignment

    You should also think about buying a star, it's what keeps this site alive and we all want it to be here for a long time.
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