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  1. Cattledog

    AR Drone

    Anyone here have an AR Drone? I am interested in one. AR.Drone Parrot - First quadricopter that can be controlled by an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android Thanks
  2. Cattledog

    Gasket part number for exhaust y pipe to manifold

    Figured I would add a part number information to the search function. I installed a bosal exhaust system on my 96 lx. I used the Bosal exhaust gaskets and both leaked about a week after install. Both blew out the soft material in the gasket. Went to autozone and the felpro part number...
  3. Cattledog

    96 lx450 Bosal exhaust review

    I wanted to give a review of the Bosal exhaust I purchased from rock auto. Well short story is, avoid this exhaust system The system is crap in fit. The long story, the fit and finish of the exhaust on each part was poor. The first pipe (the y pipe) the two pipes did not line up with...
  4. Cattledog

    Seized exhaust manifold to Y pipe bolts help

    Hey guy's I could use some help... The 1996 Lx has 187000 miles. The exhaust needs to be replaced. I have a hole 1/8 inch hole in the seam of the 2nd cat converter. Here is the issue... The studs from the cast manifold to y pipe are seized. I have hit them with creaping oil for about...
  5. Cattledog

    Tire review General Altimax Artic 265/75 16 snow tire

    Tire review General Altimax Arctic 265/75 16 snow tire As of today the lx is running snow tires. The 285 75 16 BFG TA KO D load range were not cutting it for slush use around here. So it was tire shopping time. I finally settled on the 265 75 16 123Q load E Altimax Arctic made by General...
  6. Cattledog

    Need a NH inspection, where should I go?

    Title sums it up. I am in Portsmouth. Anyone have an Inspection station they trust around here? Cost is not an issue, just want the inspection and for the shop not to screw with the truck.... Example, checking the air cleaner and cracking the intake hose to try and sell extra service or...
  7. Cattledog

    Wanted  WTB: eom wheel center cap for lx450

    Any one have one? Send me a PM. Thanks! Dave
  8. Cattledog

    Constant Air in LSPV brake line, 96 LX450

    Hey guys, I was over at Landtank's house over the weekend bleeding my brakes. Let me start off with that the brakes work fine and I can kick in the ABS without any problem. I was interested in bleeding the line because after driving Landtank's truck he had brake drag within an inch of...
  9. Cattledog

    Great service experiance!

    A couple of weeks ago a large rock smash my 80 windshield. I had it replaced by a local glass shop's mobil unit (Portland Glass). They used a safelite windshield, incorrect glue and an aftermarket gasket. During the install they trashed the trucks paint , dash and headliner. They also didn't...
  10. Cattledog

    Just bought a M416, I have a new project.

    Well just picked up a 1967 m416 with a pintle hitch for $150. The trailer is solid but needs a wire brush and por-15... The best part is the price and frame/bed condition. The bad is the springs. Wow never seen leaf springs crack length wise and width wise. The rust on the springs are the...
  11. Cattledog

    Good Cheap electric impact wrench

    Just bought a 110v impact wrench from pepboy's. It is a kawasaki 1/2" impact wrench. It is rated for 220 ft/lbs. This wrench works great! For anyone who has yet to invest in a air tool collection this wrench for $60 is a great deal! Here is a link to the wrench. Here
  12. Cattledog

    1985 toyota ext. cab SR5 pickup EFI 144000 miles

    1985 toyota SR5 EFI pickup for sale. It has new timing chain, chain guides, new rear shocks, new exhaust, and rebuild front solid axle with warn locking hubs, wood flatbed and factory sunroof, smitty built front bumper. All new fluids too. The truck has a 3 inch lift currently and 30" tires...
  13. Cattledog

    Found a source for Copper and variable thickness headgaskets

    FYI, I found a source for copper and variable thickness headgaskets. I have no idea about the price or quality. Here is the link. see pg 41 at the bottom. BTW, where are you supose to measured the stock gasket for comparision? I measured it at 0.038" on the gasket material outside...
  14. Cattledog

    FZJ80 T4 turbo manifold

    Looking for a high quality cast turbo manifold for you FZJ80? Well here is one for sale. It is unused, in perfect condition, new and ready to ship. The manifold is set for a T4 turbine flange and has provisions to run a seperate wastegate if desired. Notice the expansion cuts on...
  15. Cattledog

    Review of ebay turbo manifold

    Hi, I wanted to post a review for the 1FZ-FE turbo manifold that has been foating around on ebay. I bought the manifold in late Sept. and fedex dropped it off in early Oct. Shipping was around 2 weeks. The first manifold was broken upon arrival(you will see inthe pics). Emailed the...
  16. Cattledog

    Looking for SAE paper #930876

    Anyone have access to the SAE paper database? I think this paper might be worth a read. Paper # 930876 A New 4.5 Liter In-Line 6 Cylinder Engine, 1fz-Fe for the Toyota Land Cruiser Thanks
  17. Cattledog

    Front end bearing noise issue

    Hi guy's I have an issue with the lx. I have a high pitched bearing noise from the front end of the truck. -The pitch of the noise does not change with the speed of the lx. but starts at about 20 mph and cont. to up to 80+ mph. It stops below 5 to 10 mph. Braking has no effect...
  18. Cattledog

    Wanted  Need a 8" third member with 4.10 gearing in the northeast

    Prefer V6 with an auto locker going into the rear of my 85 mini. Prefer no shipping. Thanks
  19. Cattledog

    front axle binding after rebuild

    Hey guy's, I could use some help. I finished my front axle rebuild on my 85 ex cab. The rebuild included all seals and new upper and lower bearings and races. I did check the bearing preload and was spot on. I also Martacked both inner axles during the rebuild. I installed new warn...
  20. Cattledog

    85 tierod end question

    Hi guy's I have a 85 4wd EFI xcab mini. I need a new outer pass. side tierod end. I am having a really hard time finding the correct part. Most poeple are giving me the lighter duty 79 to 83 tierod ends. There is a big differance in the two units. 79 to 83 are 18mm ends and the 84- 85...
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