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  1. bandy rooster

    1994 Toyota pickup 22re

    I have a 99% complete toyota pickup in Northern Florida with 250K on the engine, newer head >35K on it. Has new WP, WP housing, Timing chain. I believe the oil pump failed, stopped allowing pressure to tensioner and allowed the chain to jump a tooth and caused internal valve intereference, has...
  2. bandy rooster

    Wanted  FI Ford 5.0 302 Engine

    Hello! Located in Northern Florida, Willing to come pick up if close by. We are looking for a direct, drop-in replacement for an 89 Fuel Injected 5.0. This engine is from an 89 Ford E-250 Super but has a major rod knock, would prefer something quality and rebuilt. Found many with low mileage but...
  3. bandy rooster

    For Sale  1971 Fj40 - Fuel Injected - Full Cage - Pics & Video - Locked & Built

    Hello All! I have owned this truck since 2006, The engine runs very strong, power-steering is easy with the 37's, tons of flex, and is relatively low-CG for a sprung over Land Cruiser. Almost everything is new and/or replaced on the truck. The fuel injection makes it a bit more street-able as...
  4. bandy rooster

    TBI troubleshooting, anyone let me borrow an ALDL cable?

    hello all! troubleshooting a tbi install... would love to know if anyone has a aldl cable setup for a usb port, i don't have a jack for a db9 or the extra 60$ to buy a USB ALDL setup one at the moment. If anyone has one i could borrow for a week or so i'll gladly send it back to the owner, I...
  5. bandy rooster

    central PA to Northern Florida - MGB car transport needed

    hello all! I have a non-running MGB GT (roughly 1700lbs) brakes and steers:steer:. Need transport recommendations or someone to haul it from 17837 Lewisburg PA to 32080 st. augustine florida or somewhere close. Open for suggestions or if anyone has an open trailer for a lift. Will pay just...
  6. bandy rooster

    22re oil in coolant - problem diagnosis

    Hello all, Step-dads 94 pick up 22re with 200+k on it is leaking a large amount of oil into the coolant system. We did a compression test and it seems that it is the #1 cylinder that has lost compression and all the rest are fine. My first inclination was that it HAD to be the head gasket...
  7. bandy rooster

    CAD drawing needed: 1.9 TDI to W56

    Looking for a cad file or even PDF of the 1.9 VW tdi to the toyota transmission. I'm looking to get it made locally as it does not look like a complex adapter, and I'll get more then one made if anyone else is interested. I know acme makes them, looking to go the slow/cheaper route...
  8. bandy rooster

    5.7 TBI Conversion - ecu troubles (broadcast codes)

    Hello, Took a pre-TBI engine and put a TBI system on it (in a nutshell), All the sensors are new with a rebuilt TBI unit (possibly the most simple creation ever)... Anywho I am running a sm465 to toy case and no VSS or EGR and the broadcast codes for my ECM are for an automatic transmission but...
  9. bandy rooster

    For Sale  1998 VS800 Intruder - Clean & Bobbed

    located in st. Augustine, Florida - it is for sale on eBay as well but will sell aside from eBay - just shoot me an email or call since I don't check mud messages that much...I would rather sell it not on ebay anyway, as dealing with them can sometimes be painstaking, but if you would like it to...
  10. bandy rooster

    metal fell in intake... suggestions? need major help

    I was putting my rebuilt carb. back onto the intake manifold (after drilling out the led and fixing the idle mixture screw) I must have let a washer or something slip into the intake because when I started the truck back up it idled fine but then I can hear sporadic "tinking" like something was...
  11. bandy rooster

    drilled the idle mixture screw out ...

    I am done with the desmog, was pretty easy actually when all is said and done. but I can get it to freaking idle..runs so smooth through RPMs but won't idle above 1,100 rpms... talked to jim, he said it might be dirt clogging the idle circuit, time to tear the carb apart. But i was attempting to...
  12. bandy rooster

    RPM 1,000-2,000 idle fluctuation (need help asap!)

    checked fusible link ( 0 ohms on all 3 wires compared to power source) checked fuel cut off solenoid (clicks when ignition on) all 40 + feet of vacuum hose has been replaced new NGK plugs, wires, + new cap,rotor,air and fuel filter 1983 fj60 smog equipment still connected the truck runs good...
  13. bandy rooster

    emissions butchered by PO ... need advice

    ok for a brief discription as to what the heck i'm seeing. The air rail (not individual ports) but where the check valve connects to the air rail looks like at one point it might have broke off and someone plugged that with a large bolt (ugh).. the hose that connects that air rail to the...
  14. bandy rooster

    Wanted  fj60 front bumper

    need an fj60 front bumper, decent to ok shape 32080 st.a , florida thanks
  15. bandy rooster

    vacuum switching valve broke (bypass?)

    the VSV (2) for AI, on my 83 fj60 is broke. the PO broke both nipples off of the switch so its inoperable. Can I bypass it, technically its supposed to go from my air cleaner to the VSV to the ABV could i just route it from the air cleaner to the ABV? will this cause any problems? idle issues...
  16. bandy rooster

    Wanted  FJ60 - clean,stock and rust free (wanted)

    I'm located in saint augustine, florida.... i'm also willing to take a trip a pretty far distance if the truck is the right price and not rusty. Let me know if you have any leads or if your selling one. Year is not that important, just looking for a stock/semi-stock, rust free cruiser... my...
  17. bandy rooster

    TBI timing problems

    hey all, I have a TBI setup that i just put on my cruiser... stock 350 for the most part.... i disconnect the wire to the est or whatever that wire is they tell you to disconnect to set the base timing to 0 degrees.. but my truck won't run/idle long enough for me to get to 0 degrees, it...
  18. bandy rooster

    Wanted  windows ALDL cable for TBI

    need one to borrow or to buy, can be homemade ... i just need to get some data out of my ecu.. PM me my zipcode is 32080 ... hailing from saint augustine florida
  19. bandy rooster

    can't get windshield gasket to stay on ?!?

    new oem toyota windshield gasket and old pre 75 glass, the problem i'm having isn't even installation, i can't even get the gasket to stay on the windsheild before i even attempt to install it. It seems very loose fitting, like it might be for the wider later version when the windsheild changed...
  20. bandy rooster

    screw size for dash cluster?

    two conical screws that hold on the dash cluster... yeah what size are they? i can't seem to find it ..and want to pick them up before i got home from work
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