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  1. smokeater

    Drag link rebuild or replace?

    Hello All, Happy 4th everyone, I'm posted up at the firehouse, luckily for me its been a quiet day so far... So I'm in the middle of performing a little TLC on my steering linkage. I'll be replacing all TRE's, rebuilding center arm, and was planning on rebuilding draglink. When I removed and...
  2. smokeater

    Need advice regarding my front driveshaft

    So I pulled my front and rear driveshafts in order to replace u-joints. I’m restoring ancillary driveline parts while I’ve got the 40 in the air. I noticed one of my yoke’s is an 8mm flange pattern while all others are the post ‘74 10mm. My question is, is there any reason I can’t drill out...
  3. smokeater

    Wanted  Old Style 40series ARB bumper

    Looking to purchase an older style ARB front bumper in decent shape, straight and damage free, aside from chips and minor dings. I live in NW Iowa....Thanks Please reach out with price!
  4. smokeater

    Thoughts on my knee-jerk suspension decision?!?

    Good morning All, So I’ve taken to a project that started out as a full disk swap and has now turned into not only a disc swap, but a suspension and frame resto! I think I'll finally start my build thread with this undertaking. I couldn’t stand looking at the rusted old suspension parts (of...
  5. smokeater

    Help w/‘71 Interior Dome Light

    I was hoping someone can assist me in diagnosing the issue I’m having with my dome light. I removed the dome light while my top was being repaired. I thought I’d restore the light while I was at it and just got around to doing so. I painted both brackets and I re-soldered the two RG wires on the...
  6. smokeater

    Need help slaying electrical gremlins

    Morning mudders, I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve exhausted the FAQS and Search Fx to remedy my issue, finding some answers but not all the info I need. This week I’ve embarked on a mission to dial in all the loose ends (aka gremlins) that were left after installing my new harness...
  7. smokeater

    Newbie saying Hello!

    Hello All, Recently subscribed to MUD, purchased a 71 FJ40 out of MN couple weeks ago. She's my second FJ40, the first was purchased for me for my sixteenth birthday years ago by my mother (lover her to death). Thing is she lent it out to a friend who needed a car to drive and wham, blam...
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