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  1. cabron

    Feel Resistance/Drag while driving

    I just noticed this on the way home so I haven't investigated this yet. In the morning I will jack up each side to try to pinpoint exact cause, but here's the symptoms. Feel resistance in driving the vehicle. No problems with brake pedal feel, pulling to one side while braking or anything...
  2. cabron

    What snorkel top is on Exiled's old rig?

    Looking around I couldn't find it. What is it from? Where do you purchase? How much are they?
  3. cabron

    Craigslist score (pics)

    I found a good deal on a ski/cargo box that I picked up yesterday. Most of the time it will be customized to carry my tools, hilift, extra parts etc etc, and hopefully some skis if we ever get any real snow around here!
  4. cabron

    Wheelin Today (pics)

    Went out today with some buddies to flex the new lift out. Went with a 40 and a Sami. The Sami trumped us both as it is a very capable sprung over on 35's and had no problem with the nasty clay like mud we dealt with all day. Had to be winched out once and had a great time. I was highly...
  5. cabron

    Where's your Hi-Lift, (pics please)?

    Where's it at? If outside the car does it rust? Best mount to a rack? Pics?
  6. cabron

    What do you know about German Shepards?

    I've recently taken a real liking to the breed and am seriously considering one for my first dog. My gf has a 13y.o. Chocolate Lab that I love to death and have been around for about seven years. From what I understand they make great, loyal and protective pets and highly intelligent. What do...
  7. cabron

    OEM shocks w/ bushings Less than 2K miles FJ60

    I bought these before I left the country at the end of the summer from CruiserDan. When I returned I was hyped up and bought OME kit and took these off. Very comfortable, and practically brand new, no rust, etc, etc. How's $80 + the ride. Build date on mine is 10/85
  8. cabron

    OME COMPLETE!!! Pics inside...

    Well we finally finished up about 3:00 this morning and I must say it was a real b$%tch. Every single bolt had to be torched til it was orange before we got any movement from them. This includes all spring hangers, ubolts, you name it. We had the luxury of a lift and air tools, but even the...
  9. cabron

    Any spring/shackle orientation pics for OME kit out there?

    As it is proven that I am on way to much cold medicine is there any pics I can see as to exactly how these springs and shackle combos orientate themselves on the car. I am ususally on my game but this illness is getting me down! Thanks alot guys!!!
  10. cabron

    OME INSTALL, What Am I Doing Wrong?

    It's late and I've been staring at this too long, so Im just stopping for the night. Got the entire front on but my shackles are sitting cocked out and not like the pics I have referenced. Thanks all, will start over tommorrow...
  11. cabron

    OME Heavy Deluxe Kit Install Tonight, last minute pointers?

    I've got it all layed out and tonight we are going to tackle it at my friends shop (lift, air tools). I'm reading all the threads and taking notes as we speak, any last minute pointers like A spring on drivers, or anything else of the sort. I will take plenty of pics of it all!
  12. cabron

    Just ordered an OME lift kit, ext. sway bar/brake line question

    After spending a month looking at the baddest Toyotas I ordered the heavy kit from Kurt. Do I need the extended sway bar links or are stock ones fine? Thanks. Also are you guys with these kits using extended brake lines as well or are the stock ones long enough?
  13. cabron

    ROTW Cabron's Family Truckster

    Well my journey into Land Cruisers all began four years ago on an ADD whim. I had a bought a '96 A4 for $2600 to replace my e34 BMW that was totalled by a lady rushing to the hospital to see her dying husband in the ER. I didn't like the A4 so I began looking at trading it for anything I could...
  14. cabron

    1985 Toyota Escaper mini camper RV 57K miles - $5000 (no affiliation)

    Runs and looks great, only 57K miles. Toyota 22RE 4 cylinder with automatic transmission with overdrive, roof A/C, refrigerator, sink, 4 burner stove, oven, sleeps 4, bathroom, dinette. Must see to appreciate. $5000 OBO
  15. cabron

    If you didnt have smog laws and weren't worried about 'original' would you desmog?

    I'm at a crossroads with my truck smog wise. I have a new EGR sitting around and was going to fix the j pipe leak but then started thinking about a full desmog. If you didn't have laws in your state and didn't care about keeping it all original would you fully desmog. I've read a bit on it...
  16. cabron

    Are EGR pipes and Gas oven looking line still available OEM?

    Just wanted to see if they are still made through the dealer, and if so what you guys have paid for them
  17. cabron

    Price on rod for tie rod? Other vendors?

    Just wanted to see what my options were for a new tie rod rod. Anyone remember pricing from Dan? Stronger built ones available through anyone? Pricing on those?
  18. cabron

    Can we get a rig of the week, month? ROTW,ROTM?

    I know it's been brought up before, couldn't recall why we haven't gotten it going though. I'm sure if we signed up even 4 rigs initally to get the ball rolling we could keep it up. There are alot of rigs I'd like to have a more in depth knowledge of and see more pics of fab work done. Weigh in...
  19. cabron

    Your favorite saw.zaw?

    I'm looking to get one, and all my tools are different. Drills are DeWalt and I love em, other saw are Milwaukee, love em. I am leaning towards Milwaukee for my saw zaw, what do you have? Like/dislike? weight and contour? Had it long?
  20. cabron

    I've got AC woohoo!!!!

    I went and got a new drier and o-rings from Napa a few weeks ago and installed it. Today I had the afternoon off so I dropped it of at my friends service station to vacuum test it. Although they do a 15 minute test on it he left in on for three hours and to both of our suprise it held near...
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